Anybody ever a member of The ImagiNation Network (aka The Sierra Network)?

Back in the mid-nineties, computer game company Sierra On-Line (makers of King’s Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, etc) had an “online” network called The Sierra Network (it was later changed to The ImagiNation Network). Anybody here ever use this?

I was a teenager when I used it. The software came with my first modem. I don’t remember having the ability to purchase more hours, like it suggests on Wikipedia; as such, I bought another account so I could have double the hours.

I spent most of my time in the chatrooms and the message boards, occasionally playing Reversi or Checkers. I remember there was a message board where we would make sequential posts in order to make “animated” pictures. I rarely ever played Red Baron or any of the other games.

I also remember trying to hack it. Since I had two accounts, I would do things like log on, keep the software open, switch tasks using DOSShell, disconnect the modem, then reconnect using the other account. I would do this to see if I could use the screen name from one account while using the hours from the other.

You could create your own avatar and choose up to four different pre-chosen interests to be displayed. I also remember that during a buggy period, I was allowed into Leisure Suit Larry land, despite being a minor. I created a new avatar and chose different interests than I was allowed. I wasn’t able to display those interests in my regular chatroom, however it appears that there were more interests in other realms than in mine. Therefore, my regular avatar was referencing interests that didn’t exist, but instead of displaying an error or the adult interests, it displayed hidden holder interests. I recall one was “Kilroy was here”. Another one may have been something like “killing puppies”. I later found a piece of software that accessed those directly so you could pick and choose those hidden interests.

As a fourteen year-old, I met a girl (also fourteen) on there, who lived in another state, and our parents allowed us to meet each other over the summer… and that was the summer I became a man… :wink:

I had a number of interesting friends on there that I wish I remained in contact with, including an older moderator lady. She was in her twenties or thirties, while I was fifteen. She actually sent me a very nice handwritten letter; I wish I had stayed in touch.

How about you? What realms or rooms did you hang out in? Did you meet anybody IRL?

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Other than the network being created by a gaming company, and the fact that there were games available on it, I am not sure that my post has much to do with anything about gaming, as opposed to the social aspect of the network. I believe that it should have been posted in IMHO in the sense that something like “Did anybody ever chat on Prodigy?” would be.

But that’s just my opinion as the OP… either way, carry on! :slight_smile:

I remember begging my dad to let us join, but to no avail. I was 13 or 14 then, too, and addicted to Sierra adventure games.

YES! I was a member from June 1993 (when I jumped on the band wagon of the Prodigy FF2* bulletin board, where I was also known as fusoya, to change services once Prodigy went to hourly rates) until the end of 1994, when the service was sold to Sprint and started to really suck…especially since other ISPs were providing real internet access at that point. I was known as…fusoya of course, and I spent every free moment of 8th grade and the summer afterward in Shadow of Yserbius, the world’s first MMORPG…I fortunately got THAT addiction out of my system early in life, and it’s the reason I refuse to touch Everquest, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, etc…

I did occasionally venture into the other groups. I have memories of playing Red Baron, Reversi, Go, Chess, Minigolf and even the occasional game of Spades (which even had free lessons). There was also this weird trivia game that I never liked playing since it had a tendency to crash my computer.

Remember the winter 1993 patch that Sierra sent out that made the main map have a snowy environment? They also sent me a mousepad which I have been using ever since, and is sitting right here on my desk as I type!

I do remember that snowy screen, and I also remember the mousepad! I actually used that mousepad until around 2002 or so.