Anybody ever take the Berger Aptitude Test?

It’s supposedly a test given to prospective computer programmers to see if they have any potential (presumably it checks that they have basic analytical skills). There is no wiki article on it, and more or less nothing can be found by google. Weird.

I found this:

That’s silly. Even though it’s a new, hypothetical language, persons previously exposed to programming principles should find a new language much easier than those who are new to the principles and language.

I’ve taken it. It was given to me and several other potential ACP/TPF programmer trainees. And it’s not silly. Tests of the B-Apt given years down the road to people a second time have shown that they score about the same on the test as they did with little or no programming experience.

Also… I’m not surprised you’re not finding much information about it. Back when I took it, it was a very securely guarded process. The administer of my test actually became a very good friend of mine, but he would never discuss scores or any other details about the test. I’m pretty sure he was ultimately the first person to give the test to potential programming candidates in Russia.

I keep thinking of more things I want to say.

ShibbOleth, the programming language itself that is used in the test is very simple. The test is not about the language. If I remember correctly there were probably ten or less instructions in the entire ‘language’. I can honestly say that after I took it, I felt like it really measured my aptitude not any skills I had already learned. It tested cognitive thinking skills, and how to mentally solve a logical problem. As most people would agree… either you have it or you don’t.

I took a similar test when I was in the US Air Force before I went to a class for Programming. If I remember correctly (after about 45 years) it was basically a test to determine if you thought logically.

I was given a similar test when I applied for a job at a software company. Everyone had to take it before they could get an interview there, even the sales team. I recall there were three parts for a total of 15 questions and a couple people walked out on it during the testing time.

[sub]I aced it and was kept for a couple more hours to take a personality test (which I find more stressful), qualified for an interview and then finally got the job. [/sub]

Yes, I took it and passed it. You should think of it more as a psychology test than a programming test. I was applying for a position in a transportation megacorporation and was part of the beauracracy. I got the job. The managers needed a justification to hire me into a terriblely hopeless legacy project, even though it was advertised as cutting edge.

If they are giving you the BAPT along with other good interviewing information, I would not worry. However, if they hire you based (more or less) solely on BAPT, they are using BAPT as a way of justifying a career death sentence on you.

My husband took this test and said he didn’t finish. Does this mean he will fail? I am freaking out

Don’t freak out.

I can say from personal experience it’s possible to get a job as a computer programmer even if you’ve never heard of the Berger Aptitude Test. I am a computer programmer by trade, and I’ve been interested in, and have followed, the field my whole life, including reading books, magazines, and many discussion fora on the Internet, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.

In point of fact, this is the first time I’ve heard of any test designed to ferret out raw programming aptitude, except for the discredited one in the infamous, retracted paper “The Camel Has Two Humps”.