Anybody ever try this Chinese Delicacy?

A local Chinese restaurant has a specialty item…“Camphor-Smoked Duck”. It is pretty expensive, and has to be ordered a day in advance.
Anybody ever try this? What does camphor taste like? Does it add a good flavor to the duck? :confused:

It’s okay, but if there’s a option for tea-smoked duck, I’d take that over camphor-smoked.

Camphor is a type of wood, similar to cedar, and has a strong “medicinal” taste, IMHO. What you’re most likely going to get if you order either is a portion of duck meat and skin, maybe sliced, maybe not, some steamed or baked buns (depending on what part of China the cook is from) and some sauce. Not Peking- BeiJing) duck, that’s a different animal, literally.

Peking/Beijing duck’s overrated, I say.