Anybody get turned down when trying to enlist?

I’m not happy about this war. I’m distinctly unhappy about it in fact. You see, I’m what you might call a “situational pacifist.” I never look for fights, I try to avoid fights, and I actually run away from confrontation whenever possible.

When somebody attacks me and mine, however, I get positively beligerent.

When the events of 9/11/01 happened, I was stunned. On 9/12/01 I contacted a Navy recruiter. I then went through three months of crap just trying to get into the military. They wouldn’t take me, for the following reasons:[ul]I’m color blind.

My knees won’t hold up.

I’m too old.*

I have a “chronically recurring lumbar impairment,” whatever that means.

Then there was a load of crap about things where I don’t even know what they were talking about.**[/ul]

The “color-blind” thing I will concede, because I am, in fact, color-blind. The rest of that medical assessment is the rankest BS I’ve ever seen.

“This candidate is medically unsuitable for service in the United States Navy.” How, exactly, am I unable to serve because I have bad knees? I’m also not looking to be a pilot, so that “vision” thing seems to be right out, too. The other stuff, as I said, is incomprehessible to me. Recruits have to be perfect now?

So, who else tried to sign up and got turned down? C’mon, post your failings. Nobody will laugh, at least not harder than they will at me.

[sub]* I was 34 at the time. That’s long in the tooth, but within legal bounds.

** What’s an “our-prime” spike on an EKG? I figure the"EKG" thing should really be “ECG,” but that’s a different argument. What’s an “our-prime,” and what about it kept me out of the Navy? That’s what I want to know.[/sub]

I never tried to enlist, but the rules for flying in the military at the time required 20/20 vision. I don’t know if they still do, but I assume so.

I was on Accutane last year and got a disqualification from the USAF because of it. Found out it was totally non waiverable. This was quite a blow because I had been waiting 5 years for my commission and then this piddly shit happened. I was in for 5 years as an enlisted guy and got out just to finish the degree so I could commission.

Anyway, I ended up quitting the accutane and I am now hitting the officer selection board on April 1st. But they would not waiver the accutane even though they are desperate for engineers.I am pretty confident I will get picked up as a EE and will hopefully be a 2nd LT by the end of Sept though.

Never tried to enlist, because I have no depth perception.

I went through tech school with a sergeant who was color blind. He passed the test by getting a copy of the test before hand and memorizing it. Can’t really comment on the rest of it. I got fed up with the military about 6 months before 9/11/01, and the events of that day didn’t particulary make me want to stay. I’ll be glad when my enlistment is up soon. So I guess I’m the opposite of you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. The first time. Long story.

But I’m in now, so it doesn’t matter.

I tried to enlist in the Marines out of high school 20 years ago, but the military wouldn’t take me because of my back (I have a slight case of scoliosis and a crooked back).

I am prepared to swear an oath on the United States Constitution in the presence of God that I meant to put this in IMHO.

Sorry about that.

I had a slight scoliosis of my back as well, but they asked me if I had any back pain, and I said “no”, so they let me in. My case is pretty mild though…I didn’t even know I had it until the guy asked me about it.

Exgineer- I’d flame you, this being the pit and all, but this will likely get moved to where you wanted it, and there it wouldn’t be appropriate. :wink:

Bum knees. Plus I wanted to go to OCS, but the Air Force wanted nothing to do with my college degree (English).

Hrmph. What, they don’t need guys who can explain the hell out of Milton’s “Paradise Lost?”


I’ve got no friggin’ problem with getting flamed over this, buddy. I deserve it. I screwed up.

Maybe that’s another reason the Navy wasn’t interested.

Being a dual citizen, when I was a child I was terrified that I would be drafted. (Not helped by the stories my dad used to tell about his friend, a draft dodger he lodged in Toronto, who was kidnapped by his brother and taken back to the States. The kid was drafted, nothing happened to the brother.)

With the benefit of hindsight, of course, it occurred to me that if I were drafted, I could say, “I am a Queer Canadian Pagan socialist* pacifist* with bad eyes, bad ears, no muscles, and flat feet,” and sashay out again.

    • Okay, somewhat oversimplified, but it would get the point across.

I was rejected for vision when I was 18.

Yeah, matt, but that’s different. Almost a strawman, even.

I was trying to get in and couldn’t. These days, if you don’t want to go, all you have to do is not sign up. Selective Service was a bad joke when I registered 17 years a go.

Damn, I’m getting old.

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Thanks, Lynn.

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I was refused entry into the Marines because of ADD.

I talked with a few recruiters during my “lost” years long ago but surely would have failed the physical if I’d ever proceeded that far because of my back problems.

I wouldn’t classify their reasons for disqualifying you as inappropriate. Why should they enlist folks with medical problems if they can get enough with no discernible problems? If an enlistee’s knees don’t hold up or his back problems become aggravated, this could hold back the whole group. Why take the risk?

I tried to join the Army. I wanted to serve the country that had given so much to me, and I was hoping to get an education out of it. I scored very well on my ASVAB tests.

I found out at the MEPS center in oakland that I am probably legally blind.

Also, the fact that I had one testicle with no documentation about it was a buzz kill, apparently.

For the Record, don’t mouth off to the Cheif Medical Officer on the floor either. It won’t do you any good.

I wish I had gotten in sometimes. Both of my stepbrothers are in again, and one is already in the sand. However, I have my children, and my girlfriend, so some good came out of it in the long run.

I was going to join the Army when I was 18, but I have a bad back and a perforated ear drum. Also, the niggling detail of having been a ward of the state counted against me.

Nowadays, of course, they probably wouldn’t allow me to enlist unless they needed me march down to the beach and hurl rocks and invective at the invaders.