Anybody going to watch GLOW on Netflix?

My initial reaction to this show was: “Meh, it’s just a skin flick” But after watching some of the trailers, it looks like it might be pretty good. Definitely good for a couple of laughs.

The show was released today. I’ll probably catch a couple of episode this evening.

Anyone else?

It’s about wrestling? I don’t have Netflix but I used to watch G.L.O.W. in the 80s.

That’s exactly what the show is about. Not sure how much of it will be based in reality though.

I’m gonna give it a try.

Yeah. Discussed briefly in the WWE thread. GLOW was a parody of wrestling at the time, great wrestling show without great wrestling. I’ll watch it out of curiosity, will be hard to match the original show itself. Netflix has a documentary on the show as well, worth watching if you want to get into it. The best wrestling act they had was The Housewives, hair in curlers, wearing robes, carrying mops and buckets, the pair hailed from Newark NJ, they’d yell at their cute opponents and call them sluts and whores. Here’s a look at their act against a couple of typical GLOW chicks.

Don’t know how the show will go, if you never saw the original show don’t know if it makes any sense.

Well damn, I swear when someone uses the word glow in some odd way (like in the title) my head always goes there and it seems like no one ever knows what I’m talking about. I was starting to wonder if I made up the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. I’m surprised to see that it still exists in some form…less surprised to see that the GLOW facebook page has less than a thousand likes.

Al Bundy vs Big Bad Mama :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll watch it. Looks entertaining.

However, I don’t care for the fact that they didn’t consult with any of the original participants (except for the one they purchased the rights from, who purchased them herself when the show was cancelled). It’s not going to prevent me from watching this series, but I don’t think that’s right.

I agree. The girls deserve some cred. Check out the documentary.

Alison Bree sans top. I’ll at least watch the first episode.


Hell. Yes. When I saw the big promo banner for G.L.O.W. I said to my wife, “is that the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!?!?! I must watch it!!” I used to watch G.L.O.W. late Saturday nights after WWF.

As mentioned, I tuned in for Alison Brie. But I’m actually liking it and I am NOT a wrestling fan. I’ve only watched the first two episodes but I liked them enough to watch the whole series. I was very amused when the wolf lady was giving submission advise to Ruth. (surprised she didn’t say “expose your belly”)

The music helps.


Ruth reminded me of Diane (Shelly Long) on Cheers.

No, I used to watch it late at night when the parents weren’t up. For some reason scantily clad women wrestling had a strong appeal to my teenage self…

I will probably watch the show at some point just because I remember that it was a thing.

I’m currently on episode 8, and there’s one thing that’s confusing me. Nothing to do with the plot, or with the characters. A meta thing.

Episode 1 - fully naked sex scene.
Episodes 2-7 - some ladies in underwear, maybe.
Episode 8 - a scene is framed oddly just to keep naked boobs off the screen. Brief buttage. And not even a particularly attractive butt.

The hell is going on on that front?

I mean, it’s not exactly uncommon for Netflix series to dial back that sort of content after the first episode, but it doesn’t usually disappear entirely like that.

Ooh. Elizabeth Perkins.

Made odder by the fact that the same actress had had a fully topless scene earlier in the series for very frivolous reasons.

Saw the first episode and liked it very much. Cool, I found a new series to watch.

Saw the second episode and found it mildly entertaining.

Saw the third episode and found myself being pretty bored.

I think I’m done.

Wow. I haven’t been to SDMB for a couple months now, but if anything could demonstrate the cultural irrelevance of this place better than this thread, I can’t imagine what it could be.

Her hairstyle makes her look like Kristen Wiig.

I’m enjoying the first three episodes. I’ll probably binge the rest Monday.