Anybody have a Honda Fit?

How do you like it?

I have a Mazda 3 5-door right now that I really like. The Fit seems similar, but hybrid, so I’d consider making the switch.

My brother has one. He really likes it. I’ve only ridden it it once, but it was nice.

The Honda Fit is available as a hybrid? Where? I’m thinking about getting one, but am annoyed that I can get higher mileage in a Civic.

I had to buy a new car back in Feb, after some jerk with a suspended license pulled out in front of me and killed my beloved and paid-for Civic. I wanted a Fit, but though the Consumer’s Guide claimed that it was in my price range for the basic model, I couldn’t get one that way from any local dealers. I got fed up and impatient and bought Hyundai Accent hatchback instead.

Well, I’m taking an MSN article’s word for it. As I was logging into my hotmail I saw a little news aticle about Hybrids on the MSN homepage picturing the Fit, and it looked similar to my Mazda, which is why I liked it. So yes, I’m pretty sure this is a hybrid.

If you’re reading the same article I’m finding on the MSN website, it says, “A brand-new vehicle in the U.S. last year, the Honda Fit is one of the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid vehicles in the U.S.” [Bolding added.]

Now, about a year ago, a couple of websites published a rumor that Honda was planning to introduce a hybrid version of the Fit. (The rumor was driven in part when some people noted that the Insight and the Fit have exactly the same wheelbase, so, they thought, the hybrid technology in the Insight could easily be applied to the Fit.) Edmunds’s Inside Line even suggested that the hybrid Fit could sell for under $12,000 and get 80MPG. Now, if they actually introduced such a car, I’d buy it immediately. Instead, Honda is planning a completely new hybrid vehicle to be introduced for the 2009 model year.

Their hybrid Civic and Accord models have only had so-so sales compared to the hybrid-only Prius. The reason is that most of the people who are buying hybrid cars don’t want one that looks just like its non-hybrid sister. Instead they want something like the Prius hybrid where it’s obvious to everyone that you’re driving a hybrid car.

My dad has one. He loves it. It gets good gas mileage and has lots of interior room (important, since Dad sells vacuum cleaners for a living, He can get 7 RexAir Rainbows in that little car!). I like it, too, and will probably try to get one in a few years when I buy another car.

I don’t have one, but I saw one on Shady Grove Road in Rockville, Maryland the other day.

Man, I’d even gone back and re-read the article and was sure I was reading the recommended list of hybrids. Thanks for clearing up. Dang. Well, I’m going to keep my little zoom-zoom 'til I can find a cuter hybrid, or 'til I can learn to love the Battlestar Galactic-ness of the Prius…

My wife and I have a Honda Fit, and we love it. As others have stated, it’s not a hybrid. The mileage is almost as good as that of the (non-hybrid) Honda Civic we had previously, but unlike the Civic it seats four comfortably and has a decent amount of cargo space. We’ve been spending more time with her family lately and go on a few long road trips a year with friends, so something larger than the two-door Civic was a nice change.

I had a Cadillac seizure, once.

We have a Fit we’re trying to sell. Nothing wrong with it, it’s a great car, lots of interior room, great on gas. Very comfortable. We got a Prius though, and don’t need the Fit anymore. There don’t seem to be a lot of buyers interested in it though. I’m not sure if it’s because the car is a bit unusual, or not unusual enough.

How much?

I find that fairly surprising, actually. From what I’ve read, dealers can’t keep Fits on the lot. It’s at the point where people are buying the car without driving it because dealers never have unsold Fits available to test.

Well, the car is in Colorado Springs right now - as am I. I should probably change my location until I get back to Monterey.

But anyway, we could probably be more aggressive about trying to sell it, but it’s only a year old so of course it’s depreciated a bit more than what we still owe on it, so until we pay it down to what it’s current used value is, it’s not that attractive to people. We’re asking $16K, but I think it’s used resale value is more like $15, or maybe even as low as $14K, depending on which used car book you look at.

Mods, I’m not trying to sell a car on the Dope here! I’m really not.

I’ve been wanting to have a Fit ever since they came out. The car I love (my ancient Turtle) is getting creaky and the Fit seems to have almost the same dimensions and other specs, while being about a squillion times safer. I’m just waiting to finish paying off my 2000 CRV. Then I can own 5 Hondas. :smiley:

Why yes, I’m a Honda fanatic. How ever did you guess?

If you can wait a few months, you can get an all-new Fit. A new design is scheduled for introduction this week at the Tokyo Auto Show, and will be sold in the US next summer. Pictures of it are here. I’m not sure that I like the new one, though. I don’t think I like the redesigned CR-V, which looks less dignified than the previous version.

Is that a sunroof? WANT!

I agree about the CR-V … the 2001 was the last year they looked decent at all, IMHO. After that, they started looking like Capybaras! :stuck_out_tongue: