Anybody have a tungsten carbide or titanium ring? How do you like them?

I’m not usually a ring loving kind of guy, but these look pretty awesome. Any opinions about titanium or tungsten carbide rings?

My wife and I got tungsten wedding rings for each other. I can’t remember if they’re tungsten carbide or not (I don’t think they are, though). We got 'em through, and to be honest, I really like mine!

It won’t scratch, is otherwise durable, and it just feels like a real wedding band on my finger. For the jobby-job though, I’m glad I got something more durable than say, gold or silver. Another good thing is that our particular company has a no-questions-asked resizing policy. 'Cause tungsten is apparently so difficult to resize, they say if you need a new size, just send in the old ring, and they’ll send you a new one for $50. I had to do that this past year when I lost some weight–fingers shrank.

I really do like my ring.

And if I ever run out of light bulbs. . . :dubious: :smiley:

My husband has a titanium band and likes it a lot. It’s extremely lightweight; he was used to wearing a stainless steel band on that hand and still finds the difference a little surprising.

My husband and I also got tungsten carbide wedding rings. We love them. They have more weight to them than other rings, and I like being able to feel that it’s there.

I got Nashiitashii a titanium and sapphire engagement ring. She adores it. We plan to get our bands from the same place.

I’ve heard that if you’re rocking the tungsten one and you injure your hand badly you’re in deeper trouble than you would have been because there’s nothing at the hospital that can cut through them. I wonder if that’s true.

Diamond tool solves problem.
But that is a serious concern, lacking same.

I know it’s false for titanium; I wonder if anyone has addressed tungsten yet.

(light bulb Googles) Yup, looks like you’re set (scroll down). It even says that tungsten is more brittle than the typical wedding band materials.

My husband and I have tungsten bands too, and we both love them. Like Arglefraster, I like the weight of mine; I didn’t like not being able to feel the titanium rings.

We both work with our hands, and the only part on the bands that is scratching is the gold inlay in the center, and I don’t mind that.

My husband’s band is Titanium. We got if off eBay from a store called Titanium Knights. $32 bucks IIRC. I was worried that it would be a crappy ring when I ordered it, but figured for $32 it was worth it to have as a spare even if it wasn’t great quality. We had looked at very similar rings in the jewelry stores and they were priced around the $400 range for his size (15!). But it’s great and my husband loves it. I only wish he would remember to wear it more often.

I just called him to see if he had any other thoughts on his ring he would like to share. He said “ the woman who gave me the ring is a very wonderful woman, she is also apparently very bored at work today”. He knows me well!

Yeah, both titanium and tungsten are hard to cut, but they are brittle (“brittle” being a relative term), and can be cracked with a vise or something similar. There’s also the trick of using dental floss or string to wind around the finger and compress it down enough to slip the ring off. So, it can indeed be removed in event of accident.

My wedding ring was kind of a rush purchase; I would much rather have a titanium or carbide ring. I’m planning on buying one soon and having my wife put it on me later this year for our fifth anniversary (I haven’t taken my wedding ring off for one second since she put it on me).

Seeing as the maintenance department in any hospital will have saws, Dremels, and so forth out their wazoo, and are more than happy to use them, I don’t think you’d have a problem getting that ring off. :smiley:

These rings look great! Is it faux pas at all to buy one to wear on my right hand? I love rings but haven’t worn one in years.

No, but my husband has a black ceramic wedding band and he absolutely loves it. I think it looks great, and it’s incredibly durable.

I wouldn’t think so; that’s where my husband wears his titanium ring. He has a gold wedding band on the left.

I’m the sort of guy who needs something virtually indestructable, so I love my tungsten carbide ring. The titanium rings felt too light and weird, almost like aluminium, while the tungsten carbide was nice and heavy. The jeweler also said that if I ever break my finger it would be very, very, difficult if not impossible to cut off the titanium ring, but the tungsten carbide ring could be shattered. I just so happened to have a broken finger at the time, so it was tungsten carbide all the way.

We have identical tungsten carbide bands. They take some getting used to at first because they are very bulky, but now it’s quite comfortable. I like that I can bang it on things and it doesn’t bend or scratch.

We had to go to three jewelry stores to find one that would order them. The employees gave us a hard time, saying we’d “regret” not buying a precious metal, looking at me. They tried to talk us into platinum. I have no regrets. I like it.

I have a titanium band and I love it. I tried the tungsten ones and the weight felt wrong to me. The titanium one feels like its part of my hand. I can’t wear it all the time due to a weird condition that causes my arm to ache when I where a ring or watch for two long, but I wear it when we go out. Besides the weight and durability, I liked the price. It makes me less nervous about wearing it.

My wife is too socialized to the old school by her mother to consider anything but gold or platinum, but the jeweler we went to could order identical rings designs in different metals.


My husband lost his first wedding ring–a gold band like mine–so I got him a tungsten carbide replacement. It’s nice looking, but it’s really thick and hard. It took a while for him to get used to it, and he says that when he squeezes his fingers together it can hurt. There’s noticeably less give to it than 14k gold. It’s nice and durable though, and doesn’t need cleaning nearly as often as my gold ring.

Missed the edit window: I bought it from They have plain jewelry in tough materials like surgical steel, titanium, and tungsten for pretty cheap prices.