Anybody have Hep C? Tell me your interferon treatment experiences.

I’ve just been officially diagnosed, after being aware for a few years. (I tried to give blood once, and they turned me down.)

They want me to take interferon (probably Pegasys) therapy. I’m terrified! Looking at the list of side effects is very scary. I already have diabetes, and they say that it could affect blood sugar levels. And that’s just one of the side effects.

Any stories to share? (Good or bad.)

Sorry to hear you have this awful bug. I don’t have it, but a good friend had it and did the interferon treatments. He looked like walking death. I realize it affects different people in different ways, but this is some heavy-duty treatment and should not be taken lightly. He ended up going off it because his quality of life was so crappy that it wasn’t worth it. YMMV. Good luck!!

check your email.

Got it. Thanks, Stretch.