Treatment stopped after two weeks!

I just finished my second week of combo. I developed a rash on my face Sunday that looks and feels like a sunburn. I called the doctor , he said for me to stop treatment and go on benadryl.

The rash is better, not as red but really dry. This kind of scaRES me, combo has not been fun, but it is the only hope right now. I am supposed to find out Thursday or Friday where I go from here.

::sigh:: This sucks !


So does this mean that you are on a better road? I mean, despite the rash.

I guess I don’t understand.

That sux, Ayesha. Keep us updated, okay? {{{{{Ayesha}}}}}


this crap sucks…it is a gross understatement, I am aware…

keeping fingers and everything else crossed for you …

I miss you!!!

Well, isn’t that pleasant. :rolleyes:

Didn’t the doctor tell you anything else?


Keep us posted, Ayesha.

I realize that you have much bigger things on your mind than this board right now. But please remember we all care and worry, so keep us updated when you can. Best of luck.

I’ve been gone from here-yee-ikes-moving, but you’re in my thoughts often. Hang with it and don’t fergit to roar at it, Lioness.

Hey guys. I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer with this. It means I may not be able to tolerate the ribivirian which is the anti viral part of the combo .

I don’t know what will happen next, they may reduce the dosage of that part of the treatment, or maybe cut it all together and let me just go with the shots. The shots alone will probably put me in remission again. But when they stop then I will relapse again.

I will keep you guys updated as I go. I want to beat this so bad !

Well Aye,

We want you to beat it to.

Are there any other treatments out there that you may be able to tolerate better?

OY! We want you to be as good as new!

No Techie, so far this is it. There are other treatments being researched, but all involve the anti-viral.

If nothing else I can just keep up the interferon alone for for awhile, we know that will put me in remission, but we also know that when that is stopped I will relapse again. Been there done that.

Oh well. I’ll let y’all know what the doc says tomorrow or Friday.

I’m so sorry to hear that, Ayesha. I’ll be praying for you, that they find something that will work, without horrendous side effects. Keep us informed as you can.


I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going great with this, Ayesha. You have my best wishes that it’ll all work out.

Please foregive me if this is a stupid question, but…if the interferon puts you in remission, then can’t you stay on it? Or are the side effects so bad you can’t do that? (Again, I’m sorry if that’s a stupid question–this isn’t an area I know much about.)

Dear Ayesha-

I’m still sending prayers and positive healing thoughts Ayesha-way.

They say a fighting spirit and a positive attitude are half the battle-if that is true, you are definately half way there already!

Hang in there-



Benadryl, huh? If I had to take that on a regular basis, the only job I could hold would be as a mattress tester. The stuff knocks me out.

Best wishes for a full, total and forever remission, Ayesha.


It’s not a stupid question dear. I have heard of people who are on interferon on a maintaince type schedule. But I’m not sure how my insurence will deal with that. And yeah, the sides suck.

I know what I want to do , I want then to cut the Ribavirin down from 16oo mgs a day to about 800, and try that. It still gives me a fighting chance.

It’s hard knowing you have something that is slowly going to kill you in very nasty ways, I’m already in the early stages of cirrossis (sp ?) of the liver from this crap.

Well I better get to bed I have a busy day tomorrow, I have to see my PCP and call the GI Doctor (he is the one who takes care of the Hep.) But then later I get to meet MrCynical ! Hooorray !

I talked to the doctors office this afternoon. As of tonight I go back on the shots for a week, go in to see the nurse a week from this coming Monday and then back on the full combo again after that with another visit for more blood work and another visit with the nurse after that. We shall see what we shal see. I think I’ll keep taking the benedryl tho, It couldn’t hurt.

thanks for the update, was watching for one.

best wishes from here, too,
pulling for ya.

Ignore me if this is presumptuous, Ayesha, but are you taking silymarin (milk thistle)? I don’t think it has any side effects, and it might be a help.

Ayesha, you know I’m pulling for you. Keep us updated.

Cher3, no I’m not taking milk thistle. I intend to talk to my doc about it tho, some herbs react badly with therapy.
Oh man I am just so sad, a man I posted with on the Hepatitis message board died. Another hepper bite the dust. Good Bye Rick. May God bless and comfort your family. ::crying, crying:: This just scares the hell out of me. :frowning: