Anybody have the Sony E-reader?

Is it any good? I am considering saving up to get one, but I don’t know how versatile it is, do you have to purchase e-books from the Sony website or can you upload your own? Is the screen truely as readable in daylight as it claims? I like the idea of it not using power except to turn pages, how well does that work?

I monkied with it in the store when I was in the US last month. I also saw quite a few on the various airplanes. They are on display at Border’s Book Stores. Neat bit of kit. On the other hand it does not support Mac OS, so heck with it.

Further, Sony is trying to follow the iTunes model. They are charging darn near the Dead Tree Edition price for the file. I am not happy with that.

So all in all, it seems wise to wait for the technology to mature and get cheaper.

Here is Paul’s old thread about it. Some good posts and links there. I’m also wanting one, but will wait for the 3rd generation or so.

The screen is pretty darn readable. I thought it was one of those stickers they put on LCDs before you buy them, at first. It does take a second or so to flip a page. But the screen doesn’t use any power while it isn’t updating, either, so it’s cool.

You can use your own books, like PDF or text files.