Anybody here ever try chocolate wine?

I keep seeing this stuff, ChocoVine, in my area liquor store. It’s a blend of dark Dutch chocolate and French Cabernet. On the one hand, I’m intrigued; on the other hand, it might just be disgusting.

Any experiences? Thoughts?

Chocolate pairs well with wine. It would certainly be interesting. I say try it.

Chocolate makes everything better. Everything.

I gotta find me some of this…

You think so? I thought chocolate was one of the most difficult things to pair with wine. My wife and I received a chocolate wine as a gift – not the same one as in the OP. It was… different. If you thought of it like a liqueur – thought really hard – it was kind of OK. But really, it just seemed like a mistake.

They sell it at Cost Plus World Market, if anyone is looking for a bottle. But I haven’t tried it.

Maybe if you tried cooking with it. Like, making coq au vin with ChocoVine?

I tried it. It was meh. My wife–who likes chocolate and wine a lot–agreed with me.

By all means try it and form your own opinion, but I’d rather get a really good bottle of wine (actually, port for me) and a bar of really good chocolate.

Or go for broke and get a bottle of Godiva chocolate liqueur. It’s more expensive than the choco-wine, but it’s MUCH better.

I do like the Godiva! I’ve got a great chocolate martini recipe I make with it from time to time (and no one needs to post, pointing out that it’s not a real ‘martini’; I know that already).

I’ve tried it. Tastes like Bailey’s.

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I’ve not had the Chocovine, but Rosenblum Cellars used to make a “port” to which they mixed chocolate syrup. Strange, but very tasty in a chocolate raspberry liqueur way. They used to call it Danielle, but the current version is named Desiree, for some reason.

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, as has already been noted, is also very tasty.

I had some Finger Lakes chocolate wine (it may have had cherries or raspberries in it too; I can’t remember), and it was passable. Fairly sweet and not at all classy, but it was balanced and good enough. I wouldn’t go out of my way for it, however.

Tried it … Horrible

It tastes nothing like wine, or a chocolate liqueur. I think it’s closer to YooHoo than anything else. This, depending on your perspective, can be a good thing or a bad thing. Those of you who envision a premium dark chocolate paired with a nice chewy zinfandel will be horribly disappointed. Those of you who think the only thing keeping a glass of chocolate milk and peanut butter cookie from attaining perfection is a little alcohol will be very pleased.

Apparently, as with most things in life, it’s a matter of personal taste. I loved it… and I’m not really much of a chocolate lover. I thought the stuff was darn tasty. I have only had it in limited quantities, though. I would imagine that after a few drinks it would start to get a wee bit cloying.

Came in here to say the YooHoo comment. Some relatives picked up a couple bottles last summer, yucko IMO. And I am FAR from any kind of wine or booze snob! The most expensive wine I’ve ever bought was like $15.

Well, all of this input is leading me to think maybe I should just ‘say no’! :wink:

Yes. I liked it, but yes.

I’ve wondered this one myself. As somebody who likes YooHoo and Bailey’s, I might just have to grab a bottle. I’m a snob, but a snob who doesn’t mind slumming with something horrible-yet-delightful.

I got a bottle for Christmas and haven’t opened it yet. Are you supposed to chill it first?