Yoohoo™ and Vodka - Not as good an idea as you might think

I kid you not.


Doesn’t sound to me like a good idea at all. Yoohoo is kinda watery already. Adding vodka isn’t gonna improve it.

I was thinking of a quick black russian.

Not thinking clearly, but still thinking.

My wife had a similar idea about twelve years ago. The ingredients at hand:

  1. Vodka

  2. A blender

  3. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

Drink your Vodka Yoohoo™ and be grateful.

Vodka and NesQuik chocolate milk isn’t bad at all. Especially if it’s vanilla vodka. Rumple Minze works well, too.

I am deeply ashamed to admit this, but my husband’s chocolate milk with some rye whiskey turns out to be perfectly acceptable to my stunted palate. Kinda like a whiskey liqueur, kinda not, but kinda okay.

Vanilla Coke and Kahlua is suprisingly tasty.


I put Malibu Rum in Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid

Dr Pepper with Amaretto

Squirt with Amaretto and a splash of Grenadine for color

and Gin in Mountain Dew

All of which have gotten weird responses from people, but all are tasty :slight_smile:

I’m never going to make a fuzzy navel with a grapefruit juice substitution again, that’s for sure. Heck, twelve years later and still get the heaves if I smell peaches.

Amaretto with a bit of cranberry juice is not as bad as it sounds.

I second and third Dr. Pepper with Amaretto. Mind-numbingly delicious.


When I looked at this thread, I read it as Yahoo and vodka. I was having images of either instant messages or personal ads while on vodka. :smack:

I’ve been at work too long today, I can tell.


However, after reading the thread, I must highly recommend Blue Maui schnapps with Mountain Dew. It’s called an Emerald Punch and is very yummy. Electric green. :wink: I keep meaning to try it with Mt. Dew Code Red & see if I get purple.

I almost spit my Coke Zero all over my screen…too funny.

Yoohoo blended with Ryan’s Irish Creme, vodka and a bit of ice makes a tasty drink.

Bacardi O, Diet Vanilla Coke, and a splash of lime juice: good.

Bacardi and root beer: bad.

Yep…same thought here. I was looking forward to another drunken trainwreck thread.

Back to the OP, let me just bring up the Barbie Shot. For some odd reason, it made some Dopers want to yak.

The Vodka Super Sour. Once more drunk we abbreviated it to “Vodka SS” and agreed it kicked you in the head just like a brutal stormtooper.

Equal parts cheap vodka and RealLemon concentrated lemon juice.

You know what’s really good?

Coke, amaretto, and vodka. In the perfect proportion, it tastes scarily like a Dr.Pepper.

Vodka & Yoo-Hoo. Yogi asks, “It’s like, did ya spew all over your den?”

Just a suggestion NoClueBoy, maybe you wanna warn the people here

Cranberry juice and gin is not as good as one would think. Not bad, just not too good.

Baily’s Irish Cream and coke is suprisingly good.

Also if you ever find yourself in possesion of cheap vodka and some of that frozen lemonade concentrate, just use the vodka as you would normally use water.