Anybody here familiar with trance music?

I am looking for a particular very beautiful psytrance song that I heard on Toksyna (prog trance online radio station) in the wee hours of Sunday morning, December 29th of last year.

Here’s what I can tell you about it:

The chord progression consists mainly of three descending notes, each held for a full measure. They are the D above middle D, then that C, then that B.

The tempo definitely has that “giddyup” feeling, where they have synth playing triplets that start on the last beat of every measure. This portion is more pronounced than usual.

The song includes a false finish which is just lovely, with the crash of a large cymbal which is allowed to reverberate and fade completely before the song comes back in softly and builds back up again.

At the time, I was just letting vlc open playlists for me, when I should have been using winamp to get the info.

If you have a guess, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

I’m not that familiar with trance music, or even what you may consider trance vs what I may consider trance. But just off the top of my head, I’m reminded of Portishead’s Glory Box. That has a four chord progression with a little bridge/false ending toward the end. But it also has lyrics, which you don’t mention.


Wow, that’s an awesome song!

But no, not remotely close. The kind of trance music I’m referring to here is “psytrance;” i.e., electronic dance music-type stuff. Think rave.

Thanks so much for replying, though!