Anybody here take valium?

My doctor prescribed me some of this stuff but I’m afraid to start taking it becuase it seems like so many people get hooked on these little pills.

So can anybody give me some insight?

Thanks for any help.

I take the generic version. If it’s prescribed for you, and you take it according to the directions, you’ll be ok. Your doc wouldn’t give you directions for hurting yourself.

My directions say to take up to three times a day for anxiety, but I only use about one a week, or less, and then only if I feel really twitchy and anxious. Before, when my anxiety was a lot worse, the most I’d ever take was two a day, and then all that happened was that I would fall asleep.

They also taste godawful. Bitter little bastards. You have to drink a whole glass of water to get rid of the aftertaste.

Benzos like valium aren’t particularly addictive until you get into the higher doses ( > 20 mg/day), and even then it takes a few weeks of regular use before you start becoming physically dependant. Take small doses for anxiety as needed and don’t use them as sleeping pills and you should be fine.

I used to have a scrip for valium/diazepam. I took it along with welbutrin, for depression and anxiety.

I wish I still had that doctor. It was the only time in my life I felt normal and could function rationally. I never became addicted, contrary to everything I was told, and when I mistakenly decided I needed to get off of the medicine, all reasoning was lost and/or muddled.

I can function without it…but just not as evenly.

I gotta find that doctor again! My other doctors wanted to put me on Xanax, but I can doze for free, thanks. Xanax also gave me a sense of “highness” that valium never did.

Valium brought me to normal.

Valium can also be used to stop grand mal seizures. That’s the only time I’ve used it. It makes me pretty mellow for the rest of the day, but doesn’t really sedate me. I know the highest dose I’ve had is 10 mg.

My doctor gave it to me once because I had a tendancy to grind my teeth and clench my jaw constantly. I have anxiety too, so it really helped to curb that. However, once my dosage was up, I didn’t use it anymore. I would love to be able to take it again, but don’t want to have to go to 10 different shrinks to have them tell me what I already know - that yes, I have anxiety.

How do you go about getting it then? Can your regular doctor prescribe this or do you have to go through some type of assessment?

Ah, valium! Booze in pill form! Pretty safe for about 85% of the population, pretty useful (medically) to about 5% of people, pretty dangerous to about 5%. The other 5%? Your guess is as good as mine what they do with it.

I hate prescribing it for more than short-term use for muscle spasm. Most people don’t get hooked, but the ones who abuse it will make the prescriber’s life miserable.