I Feel Horrible

I’m having bad anxiety right now and I’ve already taken two diazapam pills. Should I take another one? Like really really bad…

Psshaw. Took one anyway.

I know nothing about diazapam or how many pills you should take. But I hope you feel better.

Diazepam (Valium), like all benzodiazepines, in addictive and you develop a tolerance for it. This means that, little by little, you will need more and more just to get the same effect. Is this happening to you? If so, it’s a serious slippery slope that you may come to regret.

If you gradually take more and more, you will very probably get addicted. By many accounts, benzos are tougher to kick than heroin. Some people have a much tougher time than others.

From all I’ve read, diazepam (Valium) is one of the less serious drugs in this regard. Clonazepam (Klonopin) is worse. (Guess how I know that.) From all I’ve ever read and heard, Xanax is worse still. The general rule seems to be: The shorter the half-life of the drug, the more addictive it is, and the harder it is to kick.

A useful website by and for benzo users:
The Resource Site For Involuntary Benzodiazepine Tranquilliser Addiction, Withdrawal & Recovery

See, in particular, “The Ashton Manual”, mentioned and linked in the second paragraph there.

If you see yourself having a problem here, you need to talk to your doctor about it.

yarblek, I hope you feel better soon. I really dislike feeling anxious. I wouldn’t worry to much about taking another pill. Don’t think about that right now.

I don’t know what you’re anxious about but I’ve heard that anxiety is caused by thinking you’re not going to get/keep something you want. Is there something you feel in danger of losing? If you can pinpoint it you might be able to talk yourself through it.

I’ve had this type of anxiety before and it doesn’t have an external cause. It just comes suddenly out of the blue. But I do feel better now. It might have something to do with my irregular sleeping patterns.

It might sound like woo, but breathing exercises can be very effective, and I once talked someone through a very similar episode by using very simple, almost common sense breathing exercises.

Here’s something I just pulled up from a quick Google that probably explains some/more techniques better than I could, but it was one of the first results, and there’s probably even better resources out there if you want to read more.

Don’t take any more. Give it a chance to work. When I have anxiety and take xanax, it takes about an hour to kick in. Be patient. DON’T TAKE ANY MORE. Believe me, I know how bad you feel. Just wait it out.

ETA. I also have panic attacks completely out of the blue. The only thing that works is xanax BUT IT TAKES AN HOUR. Don’t get in the habit of taking more, because you don’t want it to lose effectiveness. Then what will you do? Breathing exercises may help a little. I’ve tried everything. Only xanax works for me.