Anybody interested in a Tea Swap?

I know there are several tea drinkers on here. And I’m always looking for new teas to try. Which is why I have so many teas that need a new home.

The same rules apply as for other exchanges. And I’ll post those if there’s enough interest, (and after I do a search).

Sure, I have a couple boxes I can send your way. They’ve been opened, but are still individually wrapped up. Great idea!! I never know what to do with tea I don’t like.
Let me know what the rules are - I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

I’d definately be interested. I’ll watch the board too. I’ve never done an exchange before though, so I’d need to know the rules.


My SO and I drink more tea than anything else so we’re interested.

Oh, and considering the problems with the 2005 Secret Santa, has this idea been run through a Mod or Admin?

I could join in. Got a box or two sitting around

Sounds like fun to me. I have a few teas that I have that I wouldnt mind sharing!

I like it. I’m in.

Yep, it’s been Mod-approved.

Okay, to sign up send me an email at with your USERNAME in the subject line. The email should include,


If you don’t mind sending an international package, let me know in the email.
The sign up deadline will be Friday, March 10, and I’ll assign Tea Buddies the following Monday incase there are stragglers.

Basic Rules:

Post when you send your package.
Post when you receive your package.
If the tea is not in it’s original package, include the Brand and Type or Flavor.
Loose Leaf is okay as long as it’s packaged securely.

Not a rule, just a suggestion…
Incase your Tea Buddy doesn’t usually use loose leaf, you might want to include an inexpensive tea ball or a few empty tea bags.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Whoa. For a second there I thought you said “so many teas that I need a new home…”

That’d be too much tea.

Forgot that part but you should figure it out from the address. :wink:

Should be able to, that is.

I’m in. I don’t think I’ve ever met a tea I didn’t like.

I’m definetly in. Email is on its way

Ok, I’m in

Okay, so far we have:

Amazon Floozy Goddess
Batsinma Belfry
Lute Skywatcher

What is that Carringtons tea like ?

Round this area, the local tea merchant would be Taylors of Harrogate, you can get it in the US from various importers.

Twinings is ok, but its in every retail store so although I like it, its not as special as it once was.

I’ve also decided that I don’t like them because when you log on to their home page, it keeps redirecting you back to it when you use the goback icon, this is one of my pet peeves and Twinings has just lost a customer. Some of these companies need to have some respect for their clientele, and not piss them off.

We now have Tamryne


Where are all the tea drinkers?