Anybody know anything about rechargable batteries?

I just got one of those Baygen Freeplay radios that don’t use batteries. They have a spring you wind up that spins a little dynamo that charges a NiCad battery (theres also a small solar panel).

I’m wondering, I seem to remember hearing that NiCad rechargable batteries have a “memory” that gets screwed up by under charging. Wouldn’t the constant partial charging/depleation wreck this?

Also don’t NiCad batteries have a limited lifespan in which they can hold a charge?



Hello Inky
Don’t worry about the battery developing a"memory" as that is a very rare problem.
The thing to watch out for is overcharging.
Let the battery run all the way down before you charge it and it will last a long time.
I have been useing NiCads in my ham radios for years with few problems.

t lion

Re: NiCad battery “memory”

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.