Anybody know more about why Harold Reynolds left ESPN?

Too bad - I really liked him as a Baseball Tonight analyst. ESPN’s statement is rather vague:

I snipped a sentence or two to avoid copyright infringement, but that’s about it.

Does anyone have more info? I tried looking for his blog or something, to no avail. I missed Baseball Tonight on Sunday - did he say anything on the show that was controversial, or did he say goodbye or anything?

Sexual Harasment

That’s too bad. I like Harold, he’s level-headed and knows his stuff. He’s a devout Christian, so one would think it wasn’t for feeling up an intern or summat like that. I think…

NEWS FLASH! It was summat like that… Deadspin dishes the dirt, as usual!

I don’t know what happened. I obviously don’t know the guy but this doesn’t sound like him…

Whoa, I take that back. Turns out that Harold has a history of sexual harrassment complaints (follow the links, especially the ones to the sports journalist message board). Who knows if they’re true, but when there’s smoke, there’s probably fire…


Harold is by far my favorite baseball tonight anchor. While most analysts critisize and complain, Harold stays positive, always pointing out the good things about people and their play.

Too bad. With the loss of Gammons, this is turning out to be a bad year.

Wow, he lost his job for “an inappropriate hug”? I wonder what will happen to GWB for his ninja-backrub?

He hugged someone at Outback Steakhouse? RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!

Too bad.

Thanks for the replies, folks.

Here’s the other side in a [;_ylt=A9G_e8UyMcdEJ3wBhg0RvLYF?slug=ap-espn-reynolds&prov=ap&type=lgns"]Yahoo! story.](;_ylt=A9G_e8UyMcdEJ3wBhg0RvLYF?slug=ap-espn-reynolds&prov=ap&type=lgns)

Seems pretty sudden, harsh and a bit of a double standard (considering Steve Phillips had sexual harrassment troubles too.)

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Hey, wait a minute! It was at OUTBACK; there’s no rules at OUTBACK, mate! :wink: Somebody get that Sheila a Bloomin’ Onion, she’ll be good as new.