Anybody know Sister Vigilante in real life? I'm worried.

Her last post was 2 1/2 weeks ago mentioning that her doctor follow-up was going to be that next Friday. She previously mostly posted almost every day but nothing since …

If anyone does know her, is she okay?

Did you PM or email her? That’s what I like to do first before sounding the alarm. Not that I notice absences that often, but I have once or twice and each time have gotten a private response from the person.

Yes, e-mailed. No response.

I must admit I would not typically notice an absence. People lose interest in this board all the time; people go on vacation … and I am just clueless most of the time. This time stands out only because she was in the middle of a medical issue, not one that sounded potentially life threatening mind you, albeit likely chronic and not fun, and had been updating the thread with her progress in getting a diagnosis and a care plan with a follow up appointment date stated that is now well past.

I know I do not really know her even in the board sense of knowing someone, but I hope she’s okay.

I am so flattered that you cared, and so sorry that I disappeared for a mundane reason. I have posted in that thread I abandoned today and am right now trying (and failing) to find it again. Long story short (too late) I’m still in limbo, medical-wise.

I don’t recall any mails but I will check my spam filters.

Thanks again. You just helped me find the thread. The search here kept making me wait 120 minutes over and over.