Anybody like playing NTN trivia?

Does anybody here play NTN trivia?

For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a trivia game played in bars and restaurants. It’s distributed from a central location, and players can answer questions, in real time, using small terminals. You’re not only playing against others in the same bar or restaurant as you; many times, you play against everybody in North America.

I’ve played for years where I could, and always had a great time doing so. The questions are challenging, the games are fun, and it’s a great feeling to see that you were one of the top players in the bar, or indeed, in North America, for that last game.

Who else likes to play NTN?

Never heard of it. How do you play? Is it singles or teams? I’m always up for trivia.

Anybody find that the Men vs. Women contests are just a little bot loaded in favor of the female side? The “male” questions involve things like sports team names; the “female” questions are relatively obscure, like the names of purse styles or Lifetime movies.

I play regularly - up to 2.5 Million Players’ Plus points! :cool:

Brittany’s Sports Bar in Woodbridge is my “home” bar since it’s right near my work.

I HATE the “Wipeout” game, but all the other ones are cool. QB1 is great during football season. :slight_smile:


I used to play at a sports bar in these parts. I stopped going there, but went back recently. After a year and a half, my points were still in the computer. One night, I was in 6th place in the country for one series of questions. I became incredibly drunk when all of my friends bought me drinks because of my achievement.

I like to play but I only get to see them when I visit states like ND, IL, or KS.

I think in Nevada, they want bar patrons to play the bartop video poker machines instead of trivia.

I used to play all the time, then the bar I played at closed down. I never got into going to other bars to play it. I had signed up for the points and all, but it was right after that started and I didn’t rack up too many. Now I can’t remember my password, but the last time I tried my account wasn’t there anymore.

I did pretty good when I did play, the bar I played at had all sorts of contests and I won t-shirts, free meals and appatizers, money, beer, that was fun.

I played once, a friend set it all up and handed me the console player thingy. I rarely get out to bars, but I’d play again anytime, it was fun. I had no idea it was all national and huge and stuff, wow.

elmwood even given my obvious inexperience with it, sports trivia would be just as obscure for me as lifetime movie titles might be for you. Doesn’t seem biased from your example.

I do enjoy playing it, but I have sworn to my boss that if he ever thinks of subscribing to it, I’m going to quit the very same day. :smiley:

I used to work at a bar that carried NTN…and people would come in every day and just sit there for HOURS, not ordering anything but tea, or maybe one beer every two hours or so, and just play NTN obsessively. Taking up space at my bar so that real customers couldn’t sit down. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

I hated NTN, and have sworn never to work anywhere that carries it.

But I did enjoy playing it myself. :wink:

i know nothing about sports trivia, purse styles or lifetime movies.

that said, we don’t have NTN here, but it sounds like fun. i have, however, played trivia online in chat rooms before msn shut down chat. that was a ton of fun!