Anyone do NTN Trivia?

It just occured to me the other night that there are probably more than a few Dopers who do the NTN trivia thing. So, where do you play? How often? Ever gotten a sh’load of points on Countdown? If you’re P+, how many career points do you have? And, if you like, share your handle (naturally, you don’t have to tell us that).

I go by Orion, I play in Madison, TN and I’ve only got 46-k career points. Only 204,000 until I get the little blue cross instead of green.

Or do you just go and play poker like the party-pooper that you are?

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That’s all Greek to me.

Latin, actually…

So, WTF is NTN Trivia anyway? :confused:

NTN is a trivia game played at bars, where you use a wireless touchpad thingy to answer questions, and you and the bar play against other people and bars across the US/Canada.

I used to play a lot in college and the years after. Highest ranking ever was #2 in the nation on one round. I always played under the name Beavis, but it’s been years since I’ve played. Last time I played my Players Plus code didn’t work.

Trivia game played at many bars across the country. Typically you’ll rent a game station which wirelessly is networked with a couple dozen other machines on premises. The questions, along with the timer, are broadcast over several TV screens in the bar so everyone can read the questions and compete against one another for points. The points are determined by the time it takes you to answer correctly.

In addition to playing against fellow bar patrons, it’s been brought into the internet age where scores can acrue continually and be compared to scores from bars all across the country. By signing up for a permanent account you can have a handle and running score which can commute to any bar you visit which has the system.
In response to the OP, I haven’t played NTN since shortly after college, probably 6 years or so. I think I do have an account floating around out there somewhere but I can’t for the life of my remember my handle and I’m sure my paoint are meager. Here in Chicago NTN has largely gone the way of the dinosaur. There’s a handful of bars that still have them, but they very rarely get used. Golden Tee is about the only video game which gets any play any more.

And here’s the requisite links.

Wiki and company website.

Gotcha, thanks! I think I might have played that, then, once in the long ago. It’s the bar thing–I don’t drink much so I don’t usually frequent regular bars, especially with all the cigarette smoke, yuck.

It’s all Latin to me doesn’t have the same ring to it.


I love NTN trivia, but a lot of places around here seem to be getting rid of it. Apparently, it’s quite expensive (I’ve heard estimates ranging between Cdn$900 and Cdn$1200 per month), and the customer support, from what I hear, isn’t terribly good. Of course, one of the other problems we faced in Canada this year was the return of pro hockey, which resulted in bars being stuffed full of people, none of whom was interested in playing trivia, and all of whom were demanding that every possible TV screen in the place be tuned to hockey. Hey, I like hockey, but can’t we have one screen reserved for trivia?

But I digress. When I am in a place that has NTN (and there’s not a hockey game on :rolleyes: ), I always play. I don’t know how many P+ points I have, but since they’re not much good for anything except bragging rights, I don’t really care. Just bring on the game.

I’ve made Number 1 in Countdown a couple of times, and have made it to the top 50 in Showdown on a few occasions. Used to play Showdown every week, actually, but then my schedule didn’t allow for it any more. Wish they had it at other times as well.

Good game though. Wish more people played, at least locally.

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I think the “greek” thing was a joke. When you put fake text in a graphic, it’s called “greeked.” Or when You’re looking at a text page on a computer screen, below a certain magnification, the text is “greeked,” or no longer distinguishable as letters.

Well, that’s how I interpreted it.

Hubby and I played that compulsively back in 1998, when we lived in State College & there wasn’t anything else to do but hang out at this terrific bar up the street. It was a lot of fun.

But also used to drive my husband nuts, there was this guy called Handyman at our bar who’d outscore him night after night - only Handy was actually a tableful of old geezers who were obviously collaborating.

One night Hubby did come in first nationally. I had a trophy made for him.

When we moved to Chicago we couldn’t find the right bar to play at, and we stopped doing it.

See: What does the filler text “lorem ipsum” mean?