Anybody listen to the CBC-Alberta/NPR-Texas radio show at lunchtime?

CBC Alberta and NPR Texas(Dallas) co-hosted a call in radio forum over the lunchhour. I caught about the last 45 minutes of it. The war was the topic of discussion.

I found it interesting, not because of how the viewpoints differed, but how they were so similar. Many of the American callers seemed quite heartened that the majority of Canadians phoning in supported the war.

Anyone else catch it? I think it was a great format that should get repeated with various topics.

Bernse - I’ve noticed this trend in the callers that are phoning in to the radio shows here, where it seems that the majority of callers are supportive of the war in Iraq.

Perhaps that’s because we live in the West where support for the war seems to be stronger, or because the anti war folks are too busy marching in protest to be phoning in.

On another note… if you’re really in bed with my mom you will both have some explaining to do.