Anybody listned to anything by Blackmore's Night? Is it any good?

I’ve been wondering about this since I found the website yesterday. I kind of assumed that The Man in Black would carry on his recording career with some incarnation or another of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow after his last split with Deep Purple, and he did put toghther a band with that name and recorded a totally kickass album called The Stranger in Us All.

So now he’s put together an outfit with a lovely female singer named Candice Night (who is apparently his girlfriend, and how I envy her. No, really, I do!). She did some backup vocals for RBR, so I know she has a good voice but…

What is the quality of the music Blackmore’s Night is putting out? When separated from Deep Purple, Ritchie has always been at his best when working with lyricists/vocalists who write songs with something of a mystical/fantasy bent (Ronnie James Dio being the prime example), and if the album and song titles I found on the website are any indication, magickal mystical type lyrical content abounds.

So, is Blackmore’s Night really any good?

You piqued my curiosity, so I listened to the samples on Amazon. It’s not rock or metal; rather, it’s late medieval folk music. It’s interesting, I guess, but that’s not really my thing.