Ritchie Blackmore.......Musician,Husband.

Ritchie Blackmore is by far, the luckiest man on the Planet! An incredible gitaurist (underrated), he has played lead guitar for Deep Purple, Rainbow and his most recent band, Blackmore’s Night. With Blackmore’s Night, Ritchie has now embarked on playing the music he loves the most, Medieval. The lyricist and lead vocalist for the band is Candace Night. She is radiantly beautiful,has the voice of a nightengale and is also Ritchie’s wife. The music is incredible and this songstress is mesmerizing. From Ritchie the rock and roll star to Sir Richard the Minstrel, he has lived a charmed life!

I caught Blackmore’s Night earlier this year. Great show. Ms. Night really does sparkle up there on stage, and she’s really had an an amazing effect on Ritchie. Not only did he smile(!!??) several times, but he was handing out cups of beer to folks in the front row,as opposed to throwing beverages at people. Certainly a big change from his stage persona in the Deep Purple days.

I love Blackmore’s Night, but I didn’t realize he and Candace were married. Lucky dog. I’d put something of his on the stereo right now, but I think all of the CDs are at school. :frowning:

I do love their music.

Blackmore smiled? He handed out beer? Who is this man and what has he done with the scowling uber-muso?

I’m going to have to look for a CD.
I have trouble credited Ritchie Blackmore smiling. :confused:

You really need to includes links in threads like these. :wink: I am sure most people have not heard of Candace Night
I know I had not.

Jr…I recommend “Beyond The Sunset” It has a CD & Bonus DVD There are 14 tracks on the CD & 5 songs on the DVD.
Ritchie has written and arranged most of the tracks and Candace is the Lyricist