Anybody looking forward to Marcel's Quantum Kitchen?

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I don’t know what to expect, but it apparently combines food and geeky science, so how could it be bad?

Here’s a review. I wouldn’t mind that the guy is a complete douche if the show looked okay, but it sounds pretty bad.

Definitely looking forward to it. I’ve always thought molecular gastronomy was fascinating. Hopefully the show will feature recipes we can actually duplicate. And unlike certain other viewers, I appreciate the scientific theme of the show and don’t consider it a bastardization of the ‘syfy’ theme to have a cooking show in the same way that the wrestling stuff is.

There is some other molecular gastronomy show on some other channel that I caught once but I don’t remember the name - anyone else know what it is? The premise is that the cook investigates various recipes for something (like a hamburger) and then attempts to use MG to create the ‘best possible’ version of that recipe.

Well, I have experience with molecular gastronomy, and that’s part of the reason I dislike this sort of show. Look at people like Wylie Dufresne, or Grant Achatz - they use molecular gastronomy to make delicious food. Marcel hasn’t figured that out - not on his stint on Top Chef, when he put his goddamn foams on everything (regardless of whether they enhanced the dish - many times it was obvious they were detrimental to the taste), and from the previews of this show, it’s just doing cool shit to look cool. All flash and no substance - that was never the point of this cooking style. That’s fine for a reality show star who’s not particularly well respected as a cook like Marcel, but it sucks that he’s being shown to be some molecular expert.

The show you’re talking about may be Heston Blumenthal’s In Search of Perfection. If you are interested in this style of cooking, I suggest checking out any of Heston’s books, Alinea’s cookbook, or anything by Hervé This. Heston’s stuff is pretty inaccessible for a home cook due to the equipment needed, but plenty of the Alinea recipes are workable with just some ingredients that can be ordered cheaply online (or purchased at a cooking shop, depending on where you live).

I won’t watch because I do mind that the guy is a complete douche.

Douchery minimised, so not bad. I’ll watch again.

I enjoyed it. I like that they had the various clips of him being a douche from Top Chef at the beginning. He didn’t seem overly douchey during the actual show. The party planner guy actually seemed a little worse. It was ridiculous that he expected the caterer girl to know how to quickly process fruit. That’s a learned skill. I wonder what her role will be though. It seems like her job was replaced by the party planner guy this week. Will she be doing what he did in the future?

I loved the oranges, that was a neat idea that I’d love to taste. The map was cool, although a lot of the guests bit into it before they realized what it was. I think he should have stuck with his original idea for the bird’s nest. He could have injected tomato that wasn’t molten to prevent the cheese from melting, or even gone with something cold - pureed tomato dishes work great cold. The foggy ground was a great idea but where did he get the snow maker last minute? That looked like something soapy - I’d worry about it getting on the food. I look forward to next week.

I really enjoyed it. I could not believe the schedule imposed by the customer, though - why would you not set this up with enough time to let your chef develop the really spectacular things you are hoping to get from him? I’d love to have seen what he could’ve done given a realistic schedule. Hopefully that is how the rest of the season plays out.

I was interested in this but couldn’t sit through it. He is simply too douchey and bitchy to be entertaining.

Well, the doucherie came out in 50 pound bags this week.