Anybody looking forward to X4:Foundations?

I am. I love the X series(all Except the miserable rip off X:Afterbirth)

It becomes available on Friday and that is almost here. :slight_smile:
Only 10+ years after the last decent game, X3 for the wait. The major problem is I went a little crazy after some casino luck and preordorded a whole bunch other games over the last few months as well which I am enjoying. But I don’t know how I will have enough time to fit them all in.

On the other hand the X games have a history of dropping as a flawed product as well, and I expect this will be no different, and will take a couple weeks to get playable without annoyance, and a couple months to get fully smoothed out. But I can’t wait to conquer the whole galaxy again.


I really wish they’d give up on the wandering-inside-the-ship stuff - it looks extremely awkward & clunky. It didn’t work in the last game, it looks like it won’t work now. Don’t try to compete with a game that very likely will never come out.

OTOH, the station/factory building interface actually looks functional finally.

Maybe once a few patches happen and it’s on sale. And if you don’t need a 70-button joystick to properly control the game.

It depends on the reviews for me. They’ve been hit or miss with releases. So if it is a great space sim, then I’ll get 100% for sure. If it is a miss, well, wait for some patches and see where it goes.

And yes, for the love of all that is holy, get rid of the walking around in ships. I never ever feel any compulsion to see what the interior of my ship looks like. In Elite Dangerous I never leave the cockpit and that’s just fine with me.

Wait, X4: Foundations isn’t a 4X game? With a title like that it sounds like it should be a Civ clone or something.

This. It’s not like I’m in a rush for yet another space sim no matter how good it looks; I still have Reunion, Terran Conflict, Albion Prelude, and Rebirth sitting around unfinished.

I got it and refunded it after 2.5 hours. It isn’t awful, but it is pretty buggy. More troubling is that playing the game means constantly fighting the UI. It is a real exercise in frustration, because there is an amazing potential game in there. If you have patience, and want a deep management/space sim game, then it is probably worth it. But for me, I just don’t have that kind of patience to deal with needless complications.

I am similar but more positive. I only had one big bug( a crash to desktop) in about 3 hours. Did have a weird maybe bug-kludge-placeholder-until-fixes. I was on Autopilot at traveling speed while eating a bite for dinner. Traveling speed is very non maneuverable, and I saw a large asteroid coming up and thought to my self that I was sure how it was going to be able to miss it. Well It didn’t miss it, it hit it dead on and went straight through it with no collision and a computer announcement “Autopilot epicly failed” :wink:

The UI is onerous at best. It’s clear they tried to make an interface system of that could handle an immensely complicated system any one or combination of Keyboard, mouse, or controller and ended up with something not very intuitive in any of them at all. And the tutorials are poos as well.

I did however start to get a dabblers trial and error feel for getting stuff done effectively after three hours, and figure I’ll push on because I did start to get to the actual “play of the game” toward the end and was enjoying it.

It will really be better in a couple weeks once someone, be it Egosoft or community, gets a wiki put together with the "how do I X"s?

Put some time in this weekend and started to get the hang of the UI. I have a bizarre hybrid of keyboard, mouse and an old XBox controller, but it is working fairly well for me. I have a fleet of 5 ships doing things very inefficiently(my poor orders , more than poor AI at this point I’m pretty sure) and the start of a plot-gifted station.

No more crashes or bad bugs, but a number of goofy bugs still, I have a passenger I dropped off, but never left so she just stands outside the ship landing ramp whether in a station or in deep space she just stands there and starts a conversation whenever I go EVA.

I’ve been very tempted to buy it again. I love the X series, and wanted to enjoy this game. I’ve been watching some streams and it looks like fun. But I watch the streams and at the same time I can see the issues that will drive me mad. Very hard choice. I might wait for a few patches and see where it goes. Certainly still on my radar.

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I wonder if anyone is playing X4 these days? I just got a copy of Foundations for the first time, as I’ve been trying to scratch the space game itch lately…well, without going back to Eve. X4 has remarkably nice looking spacecraft and stations, and an empire-building mechanic / endgame that seems reasonably interesting. Even for a 3 year old game, its graphics are such that it tends to burn out my GTX 1060 (it crashes fairly often).

There is a new DLC “Cradle of Humanity” that adds in the Terran faction, ships, stations among other things, which has been increasing the attention level on this game lately.

There is an extensive thread about Star Citizen, which was hyped to be the end-all, be-all of space games. I look at X4 as being the “offline” version of Star Citizen, with similar kinds of in ship / out of ship animations going on, which I like a lot. Kind of wish I did not have to upgrade my graphics card to play it; GPUs are once again really expensive and hard to get (maybe thanks to them being used for bitcoin mining rather than, you know, gaming).

I don’t think it’s Bitcoin unless something has changed recently. Bitcoin has been using ASIC rigs for years now. They are far more efficient than GPUs. Ethereum was the real problem for a while since GPUs were even more optimized for Ethereum and it took a long time for ASIC rigs for Ethereum to come out. But once they did, people switched to ASIC rigs for mining Ethereum coins as well .

The issue is probably a combination of distribution and manufacturing difficulties associated with COVID-19 as well as GPUs being ideal for Deep Learning AI.

Nice. So, a different kind of device, thankfully no longer a GPU, is the best bet for bitcoin mining? Good to know, I had no clue. But now GPUs are used for “Deep Learning AI?” Interesting…

Wow this game came out over 2 years ago. That is hard for me to believe.

I was looking at the expansion, and am still deciding on it. I loved the game and played a lot of it, before drifting away like happens with every game eventually. But they are definitely not jump in, jump out easy games. I have to decide if I am ready for that kind of commitment, of either remembering where I was and picking up, or starting over again. :wink: