Anybody on here speak Arabic? (translation help)

A friend wanted some help translating these lyrics:

Ya subhannallah
hayyul Qayyum
Subhannallahi Amma Yassifun
Sallalah wallah Muhammad (Sal.)
Ya Rabbi sali alahi wa salim

Neither of us speak Arabic. Please fight our ignorance. :slight_smile:

You’d need the lyrics in Arabic, not transliterated, but you could then try Google Translate.


Unfortunately, all I can find is the transliterated text.

You can still use Google Translate. Select Arabic - English, and tick the check box that says “Allow phonetic typing”.

Then you type in the transliterated text. Every time you type a word and press the space bar it magically changes to Arabic script, and you’ll see the English translation on the right.

The 3rd word in the 4th line translates as “Mohamed”.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is some sort of prayer.

Eh. . . did you consider getting on the Google?

Oh come mate give him a hand, the link responds to this very question and I was bemused to read this is a Arab Christian poem.

What you’ve shown is an Islamic poem, not Christian.

Thank you very much. (And thanks, I didn’t know about that feature of Google Translate. Just copying and pasting it in made it register as Uzbek.)
I’d assume it’s Muslim too, if only because of the reference to Mohamed.

Eh, half and half, actually. It’s part of a song by the band mewithoutYou, whose leadsinger and lyricist is currently Christian, but was raised Muslim and often includes Arabic language (and Islamic imagery) in his songs. For instance, one song off their last album is called “Allah, Allah, Allah”.
I think they do an awesome job of getting Christians to understand Muslim beliefs, and to approach Islam from an interested point of view looking at how much the religions and people have in common.
For example, I came to this site searching for the specific translation of these lines - so thankyou very much for the translation! :stuck_out_tongue: