Anybody own a TOYGER?

I don’t know how to put a linky in a thread, but I’ve been Googling toygers, since I saw the article in a recent Sunday Life Magazine/Pamphlet.
Dammit, I want one.
That is one cool pet. They claim they’re highly trainable, can go out on a leash, and are very friendly. They’re bigger than a normal cat.
I want a miniature tiger!

Pics: They are Nice and Stripey!
A bit About Toygers.
More Toygers.

Pretty Kittys! I need another cat.

Beautiful, beautiful cats. I want two.

They need a better name, though. “Cockapoo”-style cutesiness is beneath them.

Personally, I’d love a cat that’s 20-30 lbs. that’s fun to wrestle with, but ain’t gonna take my arm off. It can’t be just the looks… it’s got to be a bit of a fighter.

I used to wrap a towel around my arm to play with the family cat… great fun. And, yes, even with the towel, I always had cuts all over my arm. That cat (PUDDY) loved it, too.

I want some rough play.

I always have a :rolleyes: reaction to “designer pets” when animal shelters are overflowing, but – damn! – those are cool kitties! I want one. But I’m sure I can’t afford one, so I’ll stick to shelter kitties, and then my karmic energy will remain intact. (Or something.)

I want a Liger!

Are you sure? They are rather expensive and illegal to keep. Maybe a virtual Liger would do? :wink:

Toyger’s look really cool. I already loved bengals, these are even nicer. I would even consider buying a kitten one day. I noticed one of the breeders is in South Eastern Penn.

Self serving disclaimer: Our two cats and dog are all rescues. We did buy a Border Collie pup once.


I have better things to do with $4,000, but they do look cool.

The fixed kitties are only $500-$1000. That is less than a Persian and some others. Much less than most pure-breed dogs.


I totally agree. Puddy was a rescue. I can’t believe I want designer pet. But I do. I actually demand one.

I agree. Why breed when so many are euthanized every day? They are cool, but like all pet trends I must say nay. My (free) found tabby is close enough.

Um… it’s a cat. Why would it not be able to go out on a leash? ‘Highly trainable’ and ‘friendly’ I’d be more dubious about.

So… it’s a fat cat.

It’s a CAT!

Errr…forgive me if there’s some deeper meaning behind your post, but from here it looks like the Last Ride of the Obvious Brigade. Yes, it’s a cat. So?

I guess the article in the Life insert was wrong about the price, then.

Well, fight my ignorance: are there cats that can’t go out on a leash? Besides immunosuppressed laboratory breeds, I mean, which of course would need a KittyBubble[sup]TM[/sup].

To my unsophisticated eyes, the pics above look very little like anything resembling an actual tiger, and very much like the feral cats that live outside my apartment-- except slightly shorter-haired.


On a completely unrelated note… I’d like to take this opportunity to announce a limited supply of the extremely rare breed, * the majestic Long Haired Dwarf Tiger! Exhibits genuine Tiger mentality! Can be attached to leash! Can go outside! Now only $7500!
*leash not included.

Ah. The value’s all in the genetics and the bloodline, and the proof thereof…just like with dogs.

That is pretty much just a domestic cat with some wild genes. (Bengals are domestic/wild hybrids). Bengals as a breed can be pretty annoying cats - more likely to be aggressive and less likely to be litter-box trainable.

Looks pretty much like a nice, stripey tabby to me!

What do they mean by “glittered”?

“Aw, look, honey… isn’t that cute? The kids are playing ´Siegfried and Roy’! I’ll get the camcorder!”

That is true. I know a person who bought one when he had two other cats and the Bengal hurt one of his cats so badly he had to give the Bengal away. He put forth a great effort to make the cats get along (including getting drugs - Xanax or something - for the Bengal) and it just didn’t work out.