Anybody paying/played Dark Cloud (PS2)? Help requested.

I got this game a week and a half ago. It’s pretty fun. Me and the Ferrousling have been playing.

But I’m stuck on Level 9 of the Wise Owl Forest–where you have to get the giant snake to come out of it’s cave, apparently using some item?

Does anyone know what to do here? If y’all can’t help me, I’ll have to call the expert—my 8 year old nephew. But that’s long distance, and another time zone…

And while I’m here, if anyone needs help on the earlier stages, ask away.

loved that game.

“To successfully win the duel at Wise Owl Forest, equip the Serpent Sword. Note: You will acquire the sword after connecting the Waterfall to the Tree Fairy via River. You will also get the Battle Axe for Goro.”
is one source for cheats.

just type in “dark cloud cheats” into any serch engine and you will get a billion sites.

Thanks, BNB, but I have the Serpent Sword. The snake won’t come out of his hole. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

I’ll check out that link, though. Thanks.

Oh, geez. I just noticed I made a spelling error in the title, too.

That should read, “Anybody playing/played…”

I will pop it in later tonight.

it’s been a while since I played it.

It’s been a while since I played too, so I looked it up on - for all your cheating needs.

After completing level 8, you need to go back outside and rebuild Cacao’s house, then go inside and talk to Cacao. He’ll give you an ocarina. Take the ocarine down to level 9 and play it outside the cave to lure out the snake. Kill the snake.

Muchas gracias, Trion.:slight_smile:

And thanks to you, as well, Babs, but it looks like I have the answer now.