Anybody playing 9dragons? (mmorpg promoted by SyFy)

I am not a gamer. But I thought I would give this a try.

I can’t even get out of the tutorial. :frowning:

Eh uh…linky?

I played that one for a while, a while back. It was fun for a free game, despite being very grind oriented.

I can’t guess why you’re having trouble with the tutorial, however.

I get to the point where I talk to the old man and learn breathing and meditation, then nothing more happens. Is there an exit I’m supposed to discover?

p.s. “Grind”?

Ah, yes. If I remember correctly, you still have a few more bad guys to fight. Look for an exclamation point over the head of one of the NPCs, a female, I think. She’s near the old man, but you might have to walk around a bit.

You might have to click on the old man again if he has a question mark over his head still, to finish up his quest, in order for the exclamation point to show up over the other NPC.

Once you accept the quest that’s the next step of the tutorial, you’ll need to look for the bad guys. Remember to check your minimap/radar thing.
“Grind” is, well, what it sounds like. A lot of the gameplay involves rather tedious, repetitive activities. This is especially true for levelling skills in the game. In order to raise, for instance, your running skill (you get the first one at lvl 10 or lvl14 or something), you have to run around, a lot. Spells and weapon skills increase by using the skill, repeatedly, a lot. Experience is gained by killing appropriate-level monsters, a lot.

Many players used macro programs or a special gaming mouse that let you program inputs to level their skills up automatically while they were AFK, even though it’s against the rules. They may have gotten more lenient since I’ve played, however.

The game can be very tedious, and probably only fun for the desperately addicted gamer in the long run. It’s definitely worth checking out for a while, though, because the animations are very cool if you’re into martial arts and/or Chinese mythology. After a while, especially after the first 20 or 30 levels, it becomes almost all about the grind.