Anybody remember Pat Travers?

I got the new issue of Vintage Guitar magazine and he’s on the cover. I was really into his stuff back in the late seventies-early eighties. Monster player (at least in the genre I prefer). Got to see him live back in the day, awesome show.

Boom, Boom

Another good clip

He got a lot of play in the day on WRIF in Detroit. Good stuff.

I lived within WRIF’s broadcast region in Ontario. My exposure to music was much different from most Canadians.

(Although I see Travers was a Canadian.)

I remember loving that song as a kid. But I went back a few years ago to read the lyrics, yikes. Not very politically correct.

I think there’s a small glimmer of double entendre in there, as in what does “boom, boom” really mean.

Yeah, I try not to dwell on the lyrics of that particular song which I think is a much older blues song from the days before political correctness.
I have some old cassette tapes of blues guys, recorded in the 60s and 70s, that have some very cringe inducing references to domestic violence. I’m glad things have changed since then.

go for what you know is one of my top 5 live albums ever,

Yep, “Boom Boom Out Go The Lights” got pretty regular airplay when I was growing up in St Louis in the late 70s. That’s about the only song I know though…

Wasn’t he the guy who was drinking whisky and snorting cocaine?

I thought Pat Thrall played lead on his big songs and was the better player. Have I been wrong all these years?

No. I think he always has a second guitar player. He has one in his current band.

Not to pile on or anything, but Pat had another song with cringe-worthy lyrics called *“I’d Rather See You Dead”"

Not exactly.

yeah he definitely had anger issues with the ladies, but he was the originator of funky hard rock along with Tommy Bolin