Anybody remember this specific 'Peanuts' cartoon?

The other day, while having dinner w/ a few friends, we got onto the topic of old comic strips in general, and ‘Peanuts’ in particular. While discussing some of the running gags from the strip (the Psychiatric booth, Snoopy as a WWI fighter pilot) of course somebody mentioned Lucy yanking the football away from Charlie Brown.

I remarked that in one strip, Lucy was uncharacteristically generous and promised not to yank the ball away - and didn’t. However, when Charlie Brown makes his kick, he misses the ball entirely and accidentally whacks Lucy in the hand. The strip ends with Lucy screaming “Ow! Ow! Ow! You blockhead! Ow! Ow! Ow!”, and Charlie Brown looking sheepish as he realizes he just fowled up his one & only chance to ever kick that ball.

But nobody I was having dinner with ever saw this, and one of them accused me of making it up. He refused to believe that Lucy would ever give Charlie Brown a chance to hit the ball. I’ve even poured through a few of the retrospective books looking for that strip, but can’t find it. Does anybody else remember it?

We had all the books in my house when I was a kid and I went through all of them. What you describe does sound familiar.

I don’t remember it. But you clearly need this T-shirt.

From the Peanuts Collector Club FAQ:

I remember that cartoon too, but I could have sworn it was a parody in MAD magazine.

Aha! So it did happen. Thank you very much SpoilerVirigin.

Already answered but…I remember it. I can’t say if I remember reading it as a kid or if I saw it at the museum here in town though.

For any Peanuts fans passing through town, it’s a must see. One of my favorite museums (and only the second one I’ve ever become a member of.)

This mural is one of my favorite pieces in the museum. It’s made of thousands of tiles with complete strips on them. Really cool, but the entire museum and even the gift shop and ice skating arena are fun.

I’ve been looking off-and-on for one in which Snoopy is submerged a professional hockey-player fantasy, sitting on his doghouse and stewing across four panels:

“Here’s the famous hockey player in the penalty box.”
“Two minutes for tripping! Five minutes for fighting! Game misconduct!”
“I don’t understand it.”
“I’m so lovable.”