anybody see that movie sin city?

D/L’d it this morning… fuck that was groovy… good to see rourke back in action… tough mf. And quentin… well 4rooms was absolutely hilarous… that one with the mattress… man… I was cracking up… Seems like buddies doing those pics… looked up the imdb stuff and they wanted some of their crew back but were busy… like buscemi… Good job on that pic though… but green screen sucks… actors wanna act… don’t give them that fairy shit. At least in the palmares there’s still some non cg shit… so we’ll get by… no marylin or james dean in any new pics just yet…

Someone coughpiratecough has a ellipse fetish.

But yes, good movie.

I really liked the movie too, and thought that it was just beautiful in terms of the aesthetics. And have to say that it is one of the few times where I actually thought that the use of extensive green screening was really appropriate. The choice to green screen things was deliberate (and not just a gimmick like in some movies ::cough:: Sky Captain::cough:: ). The green screen served to separate the characters from the background which gave the characters that characteristic Frank Miller pop. It also allowed for the colors to be truly Black and White rather than grayscale, and it let the cityscape look more or less exactly like it did in the comics (something that would be impossible to do on the budget of Sin City without the green screen). There aren’t many movies that actually call for green screens rather than sets, but Sin City was one if I ever saw one.

And what prevents actors from acting if there isn’t a real set behind them? Stage actors do it all the time. You don’t actually have to be on location to be able to act. All you need to have are real props and real actors, and the actors in Sin City had both.

[slight hijack] I am reminded of one of my favorite acting stories, about Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman when they were making Marathon Man. Dustin Hoffman shows up to the set to do the famous “is it safe?” scene, and he looks terrible. Olivier comes up to him and says something along the lines of “my dear boy you look terrible are you ill?” Hoffman explains that he is fine, but to help him get into character he hadn’t slept in the last 48 hours or so and had just been out running several miles. At which point Olivier looks at him and says:

“That’s why its called acting” :eek:

Yeah, Olivier really was just about the coolest person ever to live. :smiley: [end hijack]

What the hell are you talking about?

By the way, don’t download movies.

  1. Have you got…something against…writing…actual sentences?

  2. Given that Robert Rodriguez’ stated purpose was to recreate the original graphic novel as accurately as possible, I don’t see how this movie could possibly have been made on a reasonable budget without resorting to green screen work. Do you consider, say, The Incredibles ‘fairy shit’ because it was done as CG animation rather than with live actors?

LOVED that movie.
To be honest, I didn’t think “special effects” or “green screen” while watching it, I was totally drawn into the SinCityscape. It looks like a scratchboard comic come to life, which was the intent of all concerned.

For a movie with a budget of 42million that was shot in 3 weeks, I think it was incredible. Stylistically imaginative, innovative and beautiful to watch.

Wait. It was shot in front of a greenscreen the entire time?

The OP gave me a headache. What was the topic again?

Oh yeah, Sin City. Closest rendition of comics to silver screen ever. And it get props for that. However (as with theSky Captain thread), somewhere the characters and story got lost and even comics need a good story.

It’s interesting to note that total fuck up MO’R might get a second career later in life, playing heavies in supporting roles, now that the boxing career didn’t work out.

I liked the plots. They’re lifted from 3 of the comics. If RR had tried to mess around with them too much the fans would have been unimpressed.

As for characters, I think the main players were beautifully realised (especially Marv) and the bit players were just that. We got their motivation, we got the action, deep psycho-analysis isn’t really what Sin City is about.

My previous take from the earlier thread.

I enjoyed SIN CITY… but the weird thing for me was the disconnect between my own pacing of the story when I orignally read the source material and the (sometimes MUCH) faster pacing of the actors and directors. The Mickey Rourke / Marv segment in particularly went by too quickly for my taste; much of the horror and tension could have been built up more if scenes actually lingered a bit, and if the dilaogue had been slowed down. SIN CITY of those movies I will probably enjoy more once I’ve seen it a few more times.

Why not? Its not like there is a law against it or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes Sin City really pleased me, I loved how violent and noir it was. And I would like to nominate Elijah Wood for the “creepiest bit part ever” award.

Herb Caen? Is that you?

He seems to have developed a case of James T. Kirkiosis.

And yeah, don’t download movies, rewindforward.

I’m going to go against the grain, here, rewindforward, and suggest that you do continue to download movies.

Ow. OW!. Stop. Stop hitting me. Okay, OKAY! Don’t download movies. I agree.

Seriously, though, you should really look into getting that “.” key fixed.

Yes, there ARE laws against theft, and downloading a movie (or song or whatever) without the permission of the copyright holder is, in fact, theft. It’s often cheating the artist as well.

The Straight Dope Message Board does not approve of such actions, both on legal grounds and on moral grounds. We do not want people stealing the work of our writers, nor of the READER’s, and therefore we do not condone our members stealing the work of others.

I was actually attempting to be sarcastic, I am painfully aware of the illigality of downloading copyrighted movies. But maybe rewindforward was using one of these legal movie download sites out there(they suck, but still)? What I don’t get about the situation is why modern singers/moviemakers are still called artists? I’d say businessmen(women) would fit them better.

you like that? I’ll keep doing it just to annoy you.


  1. Have you got…something against…writing…actual sentences?

It’s your time to waste as you see fit.

How about my other question? That was the more important one.

Loved the movie. Very nicely done stylistically. And I didn’t mind the green screen at all! It looked really good. Sure a few times you could tell it was CGI, but it didn’t detract at all. In fact, it made it feel like a comic.