Anybody see the new Match Game?

It’s on Sunday nights on ABC at 10, so it’s sure to fail, but it’s just as fun as the old show.

Alec Baldwin is the host. The panelists include some currently out-of-work TV stars such as Jack McBrayer, Cheryl Hines, and Leah Remini. Leslie Jones from SNL is also a panelist, and she’s still the crazy loud black lady. She frequently had a cuckoo bird sound effect dubbed over her naughty words.

The questions are just as risque as the old show, but updated for modern pop culture. “Snoop Dogg’s agent sent him to the wrong place. He went to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and was awarded best in BLANK.” Everybody wrote WEED.

Yep. :slight_smile:

I saw an episode and thought it was great. Some of the questions are ridiculously obvious, such as something like "Nikki Minaj bought a car so small she has to hang her_____________ out the window :smack: But Alec is fantastic and there’s some really fun interaction between the panelists. One contestant gave the answer “hair” which was totally stupid and inappropriate. Holy cow did they have fun mocking him. Jason Alexander in particular was very funny, talking about his own bald head and just really making everyone laugh. I never remember when it’s on, thus, as the OP says, it’ doesn’t bode well in that time slot.

My assumption is that it is just a summer show since it’s not airing during regular TV show season time.

Also being on at 10PM they can get away with saying “ass” and other curse words that are kind of ok, sort of, to say on TV later at night.

But yes, I am watching and enjoying it. I think Alec is an excellent host and has great timing and comedic chops. The panelists they have chosen so far have been great and fun to watch.

That is my favorite part of the show. Especially when they get big personalities like Leah Remini and Leslie Jones.

It’s way better than it has any right to be. I particularly like that Alec has no problem making fun of the contestants if/when they give a dumb answer :slight_smile:

It’s just not the same when I’m not high.

Nothing is. Like Seth Rogen said in Pineapple Express, “Marijuana just makes everything more entertaining.”

Except Leslie Jones has a terrible poker face. Another celebrity was the one with whom the contestant was trying to match on a phrase completion and when the contestant made her guess, Leslie Jones’ response made it clear that this was what the celebrity had written (and which the celebrity had shown to the others). This was before the big reveal.

Meh. It’s a giant leap backwards from the original. Match Game was very much “of its time” and that’s what made it work. This version is a pale imitation, and it’s the worst of the 3 game shows in the block.