Anybody see what I do on MTV2?

Anybody wanna check their MTV2 channel real quick? It seems like they are messing up the broadcast, but maybe it’s just my cable…


Here’s what I see on MTV2- for the past many hours, the audio has been fine, but the picture has been a freeze frame of some musician with his mic in his hand- looks like the main black kid from You Got Served? I thought it might be a broadcasting error. That would be pretty funny. Anyone else see it? I know there are Asian Dopers who are up right now; for fuck’s sake, turn on your damn tv and just check for me, wouldja?

What’s the channel number?

I just checked MTV2, and it’s not happening anymore.

Thanks anyways… for nothing, you guys. This was the easiest motherfucking question to answer, and 20 people came in here and didn’t bother checking their tv channel.

And not everybody has access to the same cable channels as you - especially not non-US dopers. So get off your high horse, and get over it. Call your cable provider if you’re really that concerned, they can tell you if there was an error or not, and reimburse you for any lost viewing time if it interrupted your life so profoundly.

Will those 20 people please issue Andrew an immediate and full refund?

andrew85, I think you need to (a) review your expectations and (b) wake up, buddy. Your comments are rude, annoying, and uncalled for. You posted at 4:15 AM and you’re upset because the handful of people who looked at the post didn’t want to turn on their TV, wake their spouse, make a bunch of noise, because you’re [del]too impatient[/del] unable to wait a few hours? Even assuming they’re in the U.S. – at that time of day, your readers could be in Europe or Asia and not have access to MTV2. And one might think you’re [del]too lazy[/del] unable to call your cable network? Just because I can get MTV2 in North Dakota doesn’t mean shit about your reception in Virginia.