Anybody seen Evanescence live?

I was recently disappointed to discover that an Evanescence concert I was planning to attend was cancelled, thanks to the guitarist deciding to take off in the middle of the European leg of their tour.

Then I saw their performance on the American Music Awards. I wasn’t nearly as impressed with their live performance as I am with their studio recordings.

Was the AMA performance representative of their live sound? Are they a studio band only?

when i was going to see them the lead singer got sick. the Foo Fighters were also at that concert, and Dave Grohl starting going off on how that pissed him off, and that the lead singer had SARS, then he changed the lyrics to one of the songs he sang to incorperate your friends having SARS. It was pretty cool!

but, so no, i haven’t seen them live, due to issues.

I’ve seen video some of their performances from Germany and the Tonight Show, and I think they can definitely hold their own. Toward the end of the Germany show (Rock Am Ring), Amy Lee’s voice started to sound a bit strained. Maybe she needs some better pre-show voice exercises.

E-mail or IM me if you’d like to see the performances.

Not quite on topic, I bought their CD last Friday and I haven’t stopped listening since. I really like their style, aside from the white-boy rap, and I think Amy Lee’s voice is quite captivating, and she’s also a full-fledged goddess. I would love to see them live, but it looks like not only did I miss my chance, they didn’t even play.

They’re clearly a studio band.

I was disappointed to hear a taped live performance a little while ago (I forget on which music channel) and the AMA performance only reinforced that feeling. She was all over the place, barely finding her notes, much less holding on to them.

On their studio produced work, her voice is clear and pure. Unfortunately, that doesn’t hold up live. Which, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what the studio produces.