Anybody smoke Camels?

Well if you do, you might be aware that they have this website: Smokers Welcome.

Anyway, if you go there and sign up, you’ll save roughly $20/month from the coupons and such, and get other useless freebies as well, such as the combination pocket knife/lighter I just received.

But my point is more related to their latest promotion (I think it’s over).

You get four free packs of experimental smokes through the mail, and rate them online. Then you get another free carton of the highest rated pack in a nice cherrywood box.

Well, A, B, and D were smokable.

But C is some nasty orange tasting concoction, which I of course rated the lowest.

Oh yeah, my wife smokes Camels too, and has no desire to rate cigarettes online, so I filled out her survey too.

So tonight, I hit the bar, forget to buy smokes, go home, and am stuck with “C”. :mad:

Murphy’s law dictates that I’ll receive two cartons of nasty orange ciggys.

Yeah, my ex used to be a Camel smoker.

He’s dead now.


Was it lung cancer?!?!?

I hope I hope I hope.

P.S. I’m really sorry if that’s true. But it doesn’t belong here.

Some of us smoke, and, especially, I, don’t care to hear about it.

I should have requested that anti-smokers not shit here, in the OP.

Totally out of order :mad: :mad:

Yeah, because a thread obviously dedicated to smokers needed to get all that death shit thrown in.

We know it’s dangerous. Already. Without your lucious happy happy joy joy thank you thank you surgeon general’s fucking warning :rolleyes:

Hell, move it to the pit, then.

Or don’t.

I’m pretty sure we can handle this in MIPSMS even though Chowder wants to get pissed off.

Post #2 was out of order first.

My girlfriend smokes Camels. I’ll have to let her know about this site. I have seen it before, but I forgot about it. Thanks!

it is said that smoking will cut five to ten years off your life…
but don’t worry – those years come at the back end; those are the worst years to have to live out anyway.

and if you don’t smoke, you’ll spend those years healthily waiting six days a week for those few afternoon or evening hours that your grandchildren can afford to spare to witness you enjoying the dying process extended to it’s most elaborate & painful conclusion – with you in diapers & a wheelchair (unless you happen to be bedridden for other reasons anyway.) and as a bonus, they get to see you mentally regress through all the fucked-up experiences your generation knew, yet with no sense of context, nor any relation to the people or places you talk about, as alzheimer’s, or some other generic age-related dementia, turns your brain into a shotgunned version of swiss cheeze, and everything you ever believed to be important, including the names & faces of those you love the most, become frighteningly alien to you.
ya, that sounds like a good reason to not smoke.

Holy shit, I might start again, cigarettes la’ orange not withstanding.

No lighter, knife or not, can be cooler than the Zippo.
:slight_smile: \

Bactrian or Dromedary?

I believe that fringe would make the Bactrian easier to light.

What part of

was not clear to you?

I’m pretty sure ol’ Bob is pro-smoking - or at least not anti-smoking. As I read it, he is saying that the years you get back are so unpleasant as to not be worth giving up the smokes for.

Coulda been worded better, but OK. I’ll buy that.

just to be clear, i actually am a smoker, and not an anti-smoker. perhaps you should reread my entire post, and not just te last line.

Also, the root word of both ‘tobacco’ and ‘bactrian’ is ‘bac’, which is Greek for “spit”.

There are around 40 varieties of Camels

Odd factoid in the wiki profile. Camels started off being advertised as a “less harsh” gentler smoke than the cigarettes being sold at the time in 1913, as opposed to the hardcore, high tar, coffin nail rep they have today.