Anybody want to read a (probably) pretty bad short story?

I was going through some of my files today and found a short story I wrote in my earlier college days.

It’s kind of like nerdy romance, but not in a good way. The title is “Kirk Is a Four Letter Word” if that tells you anything. It’s only like seven pages long. Less than 4000 words.

My guess is that it’s not very good, but all you objective folk out there are more qualified to make that judgment than I am.

If you’re interested, I’d appreciate any sort of comments, critiques, or personal insults you want to give as feedback. Just give me an email address and I’ll send you the word document.

I’ll read it. E mail is in my profile.

Sure, I’ll read it. My e-mail address is chauceriangirl(at)gmail(dot)com.