Anybody watching the Netflix show Dark?

It’s a Sci-Fi Netflix original from Germany. I highly recommend it. The voice dubbing takes some getting used to, and it takes a while to get you invested and figure out which character is which, (trying not to spoil anything here), but it’s a great story.

I might have to check it out after I binge my way throughout my entire drug supply of Marvel shows. I’m halfway through Agents of Shield and all I’ll have left after that is Jessica Jones. The cupboard is getting bare. Speaking of English shows, I need to mop up Black Mirror, too.

It’s really good. I didn’t like the dub either, better just to watch in German with subtitles. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long wait for season 2.

I’m through three episodes and am really enjoying it. I switched to German audio with subtitles after 5 minutes and recommend it (unless subtitles are difficult). Like most dubbed movies, the dialog is out of sync with the lips, and more importantly, the voices and emotions don’t match the actors.

Totally with you on it taking a little time to figure out the characters and what the hell is going on. It’s making more sense and is easier to follow after 3 episodes.

We watched the first episode. The dubbing was painful. Mr. BEG seemed to think that only one woman dubbed all the female characters. I didn’t think that, but the voice acting was pretty flat. Not sure I want to keep going. Had a Stranger Things vibe and it took me two tries to get into ST, so maybe I should stick it out with this one.

Just started episode 8 with German audio and English subtitles and it’s waaay better, so thanks for that!

I watched the first episode and it seemed to take itself so seriously. I ain’t got time for that, when there are so many TV shows out there that have at least a bit of fun to them.

I’ve seen the whole season. I give it a “meh”. I didn’t really find many of the characters relatable. None of them seem to be decent people. And the ending itself was very disappointing to me. I was hoping for more resolution, more plot threads being tied up.

I can’t really recommend it. I’ve deleted it from my watchlist.


p.s., I also found the English dubbing with the closed captions on disconcerting. The English dubbing is NOT what the closed captions said. My impression is that they tried to dub in English that (sorta) matched the mouth movements the actors were making, but the closed captions were done by someone else just translating from the German. So you might get a dub of “I don’t agree”, but a closed caption of “that isn’t what I think”.

I just finished this today. I had no idea there even was a dubbed version, it just started up with subtitles.

It was hard to keep all the characters straight after a while, but halfway through I watched episode one again and that helped a lot!

Really hope there will be a season 2!

Just finished S1, highly recommend it.

As others have said, it takes a while to figure out who is who, but it’s worth it imo.

I’m half-way and I do find myself feeling similar about how “serious” it is taking itself. Why Broadchurch worked when it acted as serious and this does not, I can’t say.

I am continuing to the end.

This is how dubbing is frequently done, especially in Japanese animated movies. The dub is a translation of meaning, adapted into common English phrasing. The subtitles are usually a direct translation of the original script. It’s not this show; it’s the way it is usually done.

I really disliked this show with the English dubbing-- the acting was bad and highly distracting for this type of atmospheric show. Switching to German with English subtitles made all the difference.

Another “watch it in German with subtitles” vote from me.

I have mixed feelings about this show two episodes in. The story is interesting, and has sort of drawn me in. I want to see what happens next. But the production is really uninspired at times. This isn’t great filmmaking. I was a little surprised to see that people are still doing the bathroom mirror turning to reveal a scary character jump scare scene. And the score is awful. Just completely over the top. I wonder if that is a German style thing, because I think I’ve experienced that in a few other things from there too.

I’m slowly making my way through (still really enjoying it) and I have a question about episode 5.

After Hannah falsely reported Ulrich for raping Katharina, it had a cut to Katharine who appeared to have a black eye. I assume Ulrich didn’t actually attack her and it was just makeup or something, but it threw me off. Did I miss something?

It’s explained later on.

I watched it and enjoyed it a lot. Far, far more than Stranger Things, which I find to be very overrated, though not by any fault of the child actors, who do a commendable job with the material.

Dark has unrivaled atmospheric depth and “world-building”. The little German town sucks you right in and makes you feel like you live there. They nailed the 80s and 50s set pieces and the present-day timeline just looks absolutely beautiful…masterfully designed and shot. Excellent use of color. Many of the shots are composed like great photographs or paintings. The deep yellow color sort of ties everything together; I love how they made the outside of the school look. I love the home interiors, especially the midcentury-modern design (that kitchen, fuck yes!) Beautiful show to look at.

The story is a bit weird and confusing, as is usually the case when a show or movie uses time travel as a plot device. Are there going to be multiple timelines? I hope the writers don’t choke on the complexity of it, and treat it with the restraint typical of European shows.

The last shot of the final episode, I must say, is a bit of a tired trope. Those who have seen it will know what I’m referring to. If the next season leans too heavily on that timeline, I may lose interest.

Indeed, I’ve since watched three more episodes. I should be more patient.

Just finished S1 over this past weekend. I have to agree with Jacquernagy’s comments - it was beautifully shot and the small town really sucks you in right from the start. I enjoyed the story line because I thought it was fairly unique. At first, I did feel some strong similarities to Stranger Things but as the episodes played out it became something completely different - I got more of a Twin Peaks vibe.

Almost every question eventually explains itself; just requires some patience and maybe some re-watching of earlier episodes to keep it all straight.

If anyone’s interested, there’s a great website that has some detailed explanations of the characters and (there are some spoilers) the plot line :

Dark Netflix

Bumping with the slightly old news that Season 2 will be available June 21. The teaser trailer looks promising.

This is fantastic news!