Anyone been to Yellowknife, NWT?

There’s a chance I’ll be in Yellowknife on business in a while. Anyone have any suggestions for things to see or do? anything to avoid?

Watch out for the yellow knives.

Here’s a local blog

After scanning it maybe not a great link. That biog is not all that pro Yellowknife.

Go to the territorial legislature building and take a look - it’s quite interesting and unique (and built by the company my husband works for :slight_smile: ). Bullock’s Bistro (a fish shack in Old Town) has great fresh local fish, but it is pricey. The walk-through tour of the Diavik Diamond Mines head office was worth a look. I would also recommend heading up to the top of the Pilot’s Monument in the centre of Old Town. We also dined at the restaurant in the Explorer Hotel - it was quite nice (we had the Cariboo TV Dinner). We went for a scrabble in the Fred Henne Territorial Park which was also not your average hike, since it is mostly on old lava flows.

Yellowknife was a strange and interesting place - we found it to be basically a seaside town in the middle of the Arctic. Make sure you don’t miss Lois Lane and Ragged Ass Road in Old Town, either. :slight_smile:

God, I wish. It’s my dream to live up in the territories someday. I’m from the North as it is, but I’m wanting to get much further north as I get older.

Thanks for the info, Cat Whisperer. I likely won’t have much free time, but I’ll see if I can work some of those suggestions into my schedule. The tour of the Lege looks particularly interesting.

No problem Northern Piper. We enjoyed our visit up north, but we have no plans to move there or even go back to visit again - there are certainly large problems with the north. The expense was a big one - everything is as expensive as you’ve probably heard, and the quality of everything was mediocre at best. We also found the people somewhat standoffish just about everywhere we went - you’ve met us, I think we’re fairly reasonable people ourselves, so I don’t think it was just us. It could just be that they need to get to know people and warm up to them (no pun intended :slight_smile: ), and they don’t have a lot of use for tourists.

I always wanted to drive there, as it’s at the end of the road, much like Inuvik, or Prudhoe Bay, both of which I’ve driven to.

The city of Amarillo Cuchillo, Texas?

Don’t feed the bears.

Have you had a look around on Streetview?

They have a ritual every year to deal with all the pent up stress from lack of sunlight during the winter. Friends get together a week after the solstice to get drunk and commit random acts of violence. They call it the Night of the Yellow Knives.

Having breakfast in Calgary Airport en route to Yellowknife.

Hello! {Waves to Northern Piper over there - I can see the airport from here :slight_smile: }

Having supper in Bullock’s Bistro on the shores of Great Slave Lake.

Good to know you got there safely, Northern Piper.

Is the Wildcat Cafe still there? I seem to recall having a great caribou stew there one night. Have you yet enjoyed the Franklin Avenue “roller coaster”?

Hope to return someday!

It really is a Great lake - holy cow, that is one big body of water!

So, how was Bullock’s? Pricey but tasty?

Didn’t get to the Wildcat, but it’s still there. What’s the Franklin Ave roller coaster, Spoons? haven’t seen any reference to it?

Haven’t seen much of it - has been raining steadily , but yes, huge!

Bollocks was great - best Arctic Char ever! But yes-$$$!

Are there beaches on the lake? Do people waterski, windsurf, swim in summer?