Anyone bought a Mini Cooper? A couple of Qs

So my beloved Nissan Sentra’s in pretty sorry shape and now needs a new clutch assembly, so we have to get a new car. The deal was that I would take my wife’s Honda Civic and she’d get a new car for herself.

She wants a Mini Cooper. We’ve already visited the showroom but we haven’t taken it for a test drive. Before we return to the dealer, she had a couple of questions:

(1) She wants to haggle on the sticker price; it worked for the Civic (she payed 25% less on that one), but she’s not sure if it’ll work this time, because of the demand (it was a 5 month wait last time we asked). Anyone have any luck talking down the price of one when they bought theirs, or anyone know if they’ve stepped up production, making the existing supply less of an issue?

(2) Anyone else have any other things to share about their new Mini–things they underestimated would matter to them, things that they never thought of that’s changed their perception, or things that they thought they would/wouldn’t like that has panned out differently than what they expected? She is particularly concerned about the cupholders, because they currently are more accurately described as canholders, since there’s not enough clearance for say, her daily Starbuck latte.

Funny she teases me about the SDMB until she needs to know something. :wink: Anyone got any first- or second-hand anecdotes that can help her out? Thanks!

I don’t have one, but my brother does. I drove it once and it threw me off that the speedometer is on the dash inbetween the drivers and passengers seats. I kept looking to see how fast I was going and staring at the odometer.

That’s all the info I have, sorry. I can tell you it was a pretty smooth ride, though.

I doubt you’ll get a discount now. If anything, some dealers will be asking for more than list.

I read in one of the car mags that they had one for a test drive, one of their editors ran it into a deer at a high speed and that the car was a total loss but everyone in the car came out un-injured. Surprisingly good news.

Can you wait five months?

I really hope I’m missing something here.

Not really. Sept. 23, 2002 issue of Autoweek, p. 25. The deer lived. The Mini Cooper also hit a tree before it came to a stop.

A friend of mine who’s an independent car dealer ordered two a few months ago with the intention of selling over profit. He still hasn’t been able to procure the actual cars. If he gets them in the next month or two, I’d guess he’ll get 4k over book for them. Last I checked, they were going for about $8,000 over MSRP, so no, not much haggle room there. Any dealer who’s got their hands on one will probably just say sorry, because there’ll be three buyers willing to pay thousands over MSRP for each car they have. Demand will also vary a bit depending on whether you want the base model or the CooperS.

Coop’s been my dream car since I heard of it coming out almost two years ago, but like the PT Cruisers and new Beetles, it’s best to wait a year or so until the novelty wears off. If you must have it now, be prepared to pay through the nose.

Even here in the UK where they’ve been available for a couple years people are buying them and immediately reselling them for more than retail. I test drove one a few months ago, they are very nice and big enough for my 6 foot 5 frame.