Mini Cooper

I want a Mini Cooper in the worst way. How do I convince my husband to buy me one??

I think I’m almost there, but he just needs that extra push.

Please, no suggestions about withholding you-know-what. I like to think I am above such behavior.

I would look very :cool: in a Mini Cooper. I MUST HAVE IT!

What’s a “Mini Cooper”?

I can get you a “Mini Me”, but he’s not housebroken yet.

Give me a week or so. I’ll have him trained.

By asking at the right time and place?

You could practice by posting in the right forum. Off to IMHO.

The trick is to decide you want something that costs twice as much. After bugging him about THAT for a few weeks, then say “well, I guess I could be happy with a mini cooper… and it’s much more reasonably priced than the Lexus.” He’ll go for it. Trust me.

L.A. is crawling with Minis. I like the look of them, but I think they’re overpriced. (Of course, I’m restoring a '66 MGB when I can get an “MGB that works” a lot cheaper in the Miata. :wink: ) Still, they’re very cool looking.

Good luck! :cool:

Tell him how little area it will take up inside the garage. Then mention how reduced gasoline costs will leave extra money to buy power tools that he can put in all the new found room in your garage.

Tell him if you don’t get a Mini Cooper you won’t give him anymore sex. :smiley:

oh man.
I waited 2 years for mine.

my heart goes out to you.
Whatever you do, get the S.

(has he test driven one yet? Mr. Babs loves how they drive and has been contemplating getting one, too)

tripler this is a mini:

To get an “M.C.” , trying providing a “B.J.”. :smiley:

You might find the information in this thread useful.

I pick mine up this week!!!

Ordered it last summer!

Cooper S (only way to go)
Dark silver with black roof & trim

First new car I’ve ever bought, and I can’t wait!
Although being in New Jersey, I’m definitely NOT looking forward to paying the insurance…

Yes, I agree it’s a totally cool/fun car, but I can’t really explain why.
Sort of like that thing some people have for beetles, I guess.

And, thoguh I don’t know your hubby, I think you might have a chance with that “start with an Audi/Porsche/whatever, negotiate down to a MINI” strategy.

Are we talking the old minis or the new BMW ones?
If it’s the old one, you can say it’s one of the most fun little cars to drive, dirt cheap petrol and insurance costs, with a bit of real 60s chique thrown in for good measure.
If you’re on about the BMW one series , you could say ‘well, Madonna and a load of other really cool people have got one, so it would look really cool outside our house’.

Why do you think the S is the way to go?? I thought I had a better chance for the regular one because it is cheaper (and they are both a bargain in my opinion). Do you really need 6 speeds?

I really really want electric blue but it only comes in the S version.

Actually, all I need is to make just a little more money and then he would go for it. Now, how to make a few bucks on the side??

Do you really have to use premium gas?

The Cooper probably takes premium, but will survive on regular. I’m pretty sure the normal version will do fine on regular.

How are they a bargain, exactly? They’re quite pricey over here, anyway. The S is a little quicker, and a little sportier (stiffer suspension, among other things). But the Mini One is no slug, and quite fun to drive.

The regular Mini is @ $17,000-$20,000. I thought that was pretty good…

You’re on the right track deciding not to withold sex.

I say go big with the sex in fact. Do the thing he always wants but never gets, spread some good will around.

WARNING: do not directly or indirectly connect the sex with the car, or any other marital quid pro quo. I’m just saying spread some good will around.

I liked Athena’s foot in the door technique.

Another tactic might be to ask him to help you find a better job so you yourself can buy the cooper. Better yet, inform him that you’re getting a second job and he’ll have to pick up more slack around the house.
Depending on your circumstances, this will pose a problem for him in terms of lifestyle change and he may decide to get it just so that all stays peaceful in his world. The key is how much of a pain in the ass it is for him not to buy it for you.

Why didn’t we thinkof this sooner…you could have been doing people’s taxes the past few months to earn the money! Too late now.

Play up the size and fuel efficiency angles…you can park that puppy UNDER the canoe in the garage!

I like the idea of getting him hooked with a test drive, but there is always the danger that he’ll like it so much he’ll want to drive it himself, and we don’t want that now, do we?

Dibs on borrowing it!

Oh, he won’t want to drive it. He has to propel himself through time and space without the use of a combustion engine. Makes him superior to the rest of the species.

I saw one of those things the other day, and my car is in no way large, but the Mini sure seemed to live up to its name! God was it TINY! No wonder those strongman contests use them when they flip over cars. :slight_smile:

They seem smaller than a Geo Metro (and thats small.)

Anyway, talking down from a higher priced car would probably work. Or wait a year or two and get a used one after someone gets sick of driving a wee death on wheels. On ice, uphill, in a smowstorm. :stuck_out_tongue: