What do you think of the new Mini Cooper??

My husband and I are thinking of getting one. It’s awfully small though. Kind of reminds me of one of those clown cars at the circus - but it’s just so darn cute!! Of course if some SUV comes along and hits us we’ll be a bug on the windshield…splat.:eek:

I love tiny cars! I say go for it! I like the new Mini-Coopers, but they don’t look as good as the old ones. I’d still get one, though, if I had the cash lying around.

LunaSea you’re so right about the old ones being cooler! Ah well, a new one would be way more reliable though…My husband and I aren’t very mechanical!

Now I’m trying to decide on the white top or all one color…hmm.

I want one I want one I want one. I want a fire-engine red one with white trim. And as soon as I win the lottery (they’re nearly $40,000 AUD over here) I’m gonna get one!

I’m sorry, but if I’m going to drop the kind of money it takes to get one, I’d much rather have a car I can get both of my lags into, thank you very much. Pulling a Hightower on a brand-new vehicle lacks style.

Did you miss the ‘s’ or the ‘e’? Regardless, having two of either is just sheer greediness.

I drove one a few months ago. I’m 6’5" and there was plenty of room for my legs, and even some left over for my lags. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t get one because the waiting list was too long. Now that the Cooper S is out, I may have another look.

I prefer the old ones too. I also heard somewhere that minis were safer, but can’t remember why, or whether it was true.


The new minis are actually pretty big-- taller and wider than a Honda Civic.

The Minis are NOT as small as people make them out to be.

They are a very safe car: six airbags.
They also handle better. I would rather be in a mini than an SUV, in regards to an accident.

a fanatical mini owner.

I see quite a few of them where I live. Like Barbarian said, they’re not that small.

Honda Civic hatchbacks are about the same size, if not a little smaller. I think they’re pretty cool though. Especially since you can get them with various different designs on the roof, including flags.

They’re quite overpriced though, imho.

Expensive, but fun, this guy paid a lot but he writes a nice story about it:

Amount Paid (US$): 23,321

They may be expensive but they keep their value. I heard in the UK people are actually making a profit by selling them a year down the line.

Cool little car. Cooler than a Smart car but I’d be happy with either.

yojimbo, have you seen the Smart roadster coupe?
very cool.

but minis are adorable.
so cute.

I’ve been waiting for YEARS for a new mini!

I owned an original one when I lived in the UK and it was my 2nd favorite car ever! (1st is still my '89 911 cabriolet, which I’m selling to get my MINI - can’t justify having 3 cars.) Anyway, once I heard they’d be selling them in the US again, I knew I just HAD to have one.

I ordered my MINI last July and it FINALLY arrives this April.
I’m getting an “S” model, which is the sportier version, so it’s taking a little longer. It’s the first new car I’ve ever bought. Only a MINI could convince me to take that “new car depreciation hit”, which, as some have mentioned, may not even hold true (athough I don’t care either way).

I can even track its production status on the MINI web site!

Anyway, yes, they are bigger inside than one would think; they’re quite safe, thanks to the BMW engineering (BMW owns the marque now); they are CUTE and they are FUN to drive.

And $22K is not that much, relatively speaking, for a new, sporty car with all the options.

(I can’t believe I used all those CAPS and exclamation points! MINIs seem to inspire this kind of enthusiastic following, for some reason - much like the VW bugs, I suppose.)

I personally think the Corbin Sparrow is cuter… Less practical though.

If I could afford a car I would get one.

My wife loves her “S” model; we’ve had it for 3 months now. I spent the weekend driving it (down to San Diego and back) and now miss not having that 6th gear in my car. It was always very clear that the front of the Mini had more than enough legroom, but we never tried putting anyone in the back until a couple days ago, and both average-sized women (5’8"ish) fit just fine and enjoyed the ride back there (though no room for a 5th, naturally).

It’s also a good hatchback–we were able to fit two storage boxes, a suitcase, and 3 carry-on sized bags with the back seats folded down and room to spare. And the mileage is truly amazing–we’re averaging 40mpg at least. A great investment, and because we bought it here, we only had to wait 6 weeks, not your average 5 months.

If I’m going to spend in the low 20s for a new car I’d get the Subaru Empreza. Mmmmmmm…

Is the ‘S’ in the States the same model as in the UK? Here there is the Mini One which is the most basic, the Mini Cooper which gets a tweaked engine, suspension, and alloy wheels, and the Mini Cooper S which is the Cooper model with a supercharger and some other bits. In the current Top Gear magazine there is a test of one tweaked by a German tuning outfit, it puts out more than 200 BHP!!