Anyone Built a Karaoke PC??

Not sure if this is Cafe Society, or GQ but here goes…

I spent quite a bit of time researching this, but i can’t find any good sites with software to support this.

I’m envisioning somthing that could use the CD+G and the new super CD+G formats, at least. Seems that a PC would have plenty of horsepower to handle this.

Does anyone know of any good Software that would handle this? Any links on how-to’s or hints on building something like this? Seems that a Large PC HD would be a great platform to support the SCD+G format.

Any hints, etc would be a help.





Okay, I’m not really up on the latest technologies, but I know my sound editing software (Adobe Audition) can rip a song from a CD very easily, and with one simple command, you can create a karaoke version of it.

You simply reverse the phase of one channel (left or right.) Any audio signals without stereo separation (like main vocals,) gets flattened out.