karaoke cdg discs in laserdisc karaoke machine?

Can anyone advise me, as a newbie, what to do.
I bought a Japanese pioneer karaoke machine with a load of big laser discs, mostly in Japanese!!
I have some laser discs that play english speaking karaoke but not enough or recent enough so I have bought a cdg disc, it plays but no pic or words.
Are they compatible?
Thanks :frowning:

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Well, the mere fact that the CDG disc doesn’t show the graphics on-screen says it’s probably incompatible with the karaoke machine. What does the manual say? It sounds like the machine is just reading the audio portion and playing the disc as a regular CD.

Some, but not all, of the Pioneer karaoke laserdisc players can play CD+G. Depends on the vintage, as karaoke players were popular long before CD+G. You’d have to do research on the capabilities of individual machines, and would probably have more success with later, newer machines. Off the top of my head, a few models which support it are Pioneers CLD-V850, CLD-S303, DVL-V888, and CLD-A100 (“LaserActive”) with LaserActive karaoke module.

Now to go from GQ to IMHO, I think any player which supports LD+G (same concept, but also used to add subtitle and trivia tracks to video) supports CD+G. Pioneer made a LD+G decoder (LG-1?) which, with any LD player outputting digital audio, allowed LD+G to be used. In addition, there exist standalone CD+G decoders that can be used with most LD players which ouput digital signals (coax or optical).

Thank you student driver.
All the writing on the machine is in japanese so I wasnt sure of the model but it seems to be CLD LK100, so I can look that up online now and I may even get some instructions, as it came without any, and i dont know what any of the knobs do as they are all in japanese. I may be able to switch something on to make it work.

if not, could i run a cdg reader through this machine? they seem to go cheaply on ebay?

I really appreciate your help, thankyou

pls see reply thanks student driver

Is it the CLD-K1000 shown here? (If not, the model is usually on the front of the machine, upper left, in English, even on Japanese models. And if it is, wow, that’s fancy, must have been for professional karaoke operators. I have a karaoke model myself (CLD-D604), but it’s nowhere nearly as comprehensive as that model. I assume mine was meant for amateur/home use.

AFAIK, since your machine plays CDs, it should also output a digital audio signal in some fashion, so an off-board CD+G decoder would probably work. You might want t register on http://forum.lddb.com and ask if anyone there has any experience doing such a thing; there are a lot of former dealers, technicians, repairmen, and other LD-related professions there, and they may be able to give you additional information… or even steer you to a cheap replacement player which could handle it.