Anyone care to know the real reason for Cheneys defense of Gitmo?

It just gets worse and worse.

Oh come on, this is a chump change contract for them.

OK, Reeder, you nailed this one. Though there is also this part:

Must be the commercials.

$30 million is only chump change to the US Congress. To a corporation or anyone else who has to actually earn their money, it’s very real.

Notice it says a “unit”. They all have to eat at the trough you know.

$30 Million? Shit, they’ve got the much loose change in the office couches.

So the company which got a seven billion dollar no bid contract and preferential status is really hurting for another 30 mil?

Well, 30 mil here, 30 mil there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

If it’s such a paltry amount to them, perhaps you can get them to just give it to me. I promise not to spend it on prisons.

My company regularly wins multi-million dollar contracts. We also actively pursue contracts worth just a few thousand. Every individual business unit is expected to be profitable, not just the ones that get the big fat juicy gifts handed to them on a platter.

What gets worse, your OPs?

Exactly how much money does Cheney get from this again?

Sorta depends on how much stock he owns, doesn’t it?

Well, Cheney still gets money from them each year.

I figure he’s not a disinterested party.

Shit. It really does all come down to Halliburton, huh? Fuck it, dismantle the company. Shut it down tomorrow. They’re doing more harm than benefit. You’ve sold me.

Well, yes…

Painful but true, I’ve come to think.
Your foreign policies are not based on nice lofty ideals not even Realpolitik.
It’s plain money grabbing, theft, plunder.

What I hate worse is the manipulation. This is a win-win situation. They get to say, look this is a state of the art facility, the prisoners are well treated–Then they misdirect with the shiny turd that they have constructed, profitting financially and on the “humanitarian” side. This is so low that I can see the chafing on Cheney’s ass!

This is also a vey bad sign in a more ominous way. They are institutionalizing this whole “thing” physically and monumentally. The archetype will embed…forget about liberty and justice for quite some time with this legacy. [hyperbole]It’s like when they installed the ovens at Auschwitz.[/hyperbole]

Nope. All his stock revenue goes to charity. All he gets is residual deferred income amortized for tax purposes. And after this year, that dries up as well, and he’ll get no money at all from them.

If you really believe that, you are even more deluded than you seem on here.

Holy cow, what brought that on? The link contains all the documentation necessary to prove the point, including the Gift Trust Agreement (PDF) for the stocks, bearing the notarized signatures of both Dick and Lynne. Do you have any facts to offer? Or did you just want to screech?

Hmm…Well, who knows yet how Cheney will benefit from anything that Halliburton gets now? The revolving door needs to complete its current revolution. These things span out over a long period of time. And it depends upon who gets elected president in 2008.

I do know that Halliburton (well, KBR, I think) was getting military contracts since before Cheney had any power, in the Vietnam war. They continued to get contracts because, well, “Thems was the guys that’s last done it…” Hence these no-bid, cost-plus contracts. It doesn’t matter if Cheney benefits or not. It’s a waste of money no matter who’s in the White House.

The use of private contractors has increased steeply in the last few years. This has demoralized the soldiers who would otherwise be doing the same work for less than a fourth of what the contractors get paid. They see these people making so much money, and they think, “Why should I stick around in the US military?”

And contractors aren’t subject to the same discipline and accountability as military personnel, yet they often benefit from the protection they get from our military.

Like a Kennedy?