Anyone collect video clips from your favorite movies

I’m not talking about 2-3 minute clips, just little snippets of lines. I’ve started recently, have a bookmark folder called “catch phrases”. I like to insert them into posts here or Facebook, or at parties when someone makes a comment about something and I say, “I have the perfect clip for that”. A couple of examples below. If you have any, please provide link with movie or TV show title.

I’m video-illiterate and don’t know how to do this – either the capture or the insert – but it sounds like fun, and I have a long list of delightful video moments that I’d love to collect!

I just search for them, there are a lot online. If I wanted to I could cut clips out from DVDs and online, but never spend the time. THere are free video editing programs out there, it is pretty simple. Save a cliip, insert beginning end ending points in the clip and save that