Anyone dissapointed by glorified stuff, too?

Things associated with rich people must be good, right?

Lobsters, food of the poor now eaten by rich
Oysters, food of the poor now eaten by rich, too. tastes like salty mucus and slime
Caviar tastes like salted margarine
Champagne tastes worse than beer, goes flat too quickly, grants worst hangover
Cigars, don’t start me with cigar dick

Add your examples

People are status conscious and will go for anything they believe shows a higher status than ‘everybody’.

Food and drink are only the most obvious tip of the spear.

[Jim Gaffigan] "I found a rock with a snot in it."[JG]

Good points…I for one don’t understand the fascination with filet mignon-it has very little flavor-I prefer London Broil. And some of those “artisan” chocolates are terrible (bitter and nasty). Caviar is OK, but i do love raw oysters. what really cracks me up is when cheap foods (like tripe) become trendy (and expensive)-to me, tripe is for dog food only.

How about luxury cars? Most of them are just rebadged versions of cheaper cars, with a few more bells and whistles, at a premium cost. Are they really any “better” than their less-expensive versions?

I love everything listed except for the cigars.

Lobster is frickin delicious, and champagne’s pretty damn good also (though you can get some brands pretty cheap, I’ve certainly never had the fancy schmancy stuff like Cristal, Moet, or Dom Perignon). Though I’d agree with you that oysters and caviar taste like ass. Cigars are a whole different type of beast.

Whiskey’s too rough,
Champagne costs too much,
And vodka puts my mouth in gear.
This little refrain
Should help me explain
As a matter of fact I like beer[indent]-- Tom T. Hall As seen on YouTube[/indent]

Lobster is perfectly nice, but inferior to good shrimp/prawns

Filet mignon is bland and too tender.

Beanie Babies.
$10,000 speaker cables.

Lobster is perfectly nice, but inferior to good shrimp/prawns

Filet is too tender

Mercedes cars. Expensive cars for people who arent interested in cars.

I always found lobsters to taste like overcooked prawn. Hell I worked at a place where I steamed live lobsters dead red

In previous centuries, having pasty white skin was considered beautiful – only poor people had to work out in sunlight, and got those ugly tans. Now it’s the rich who have the time to spend in expensive tanning booths.

Also in previous centuries, skin markings (via branding or tattoos) was a punishment inflicted upon criminals, to identify them. Now people do this voluntarily, and pay good money to do so.

Thread counts. I can’t tell the difference between discount store and “high thread count” sheets. I don’t think anyone else can either. I think they’re the linen version of Monster cables.

One is made in Pakistan, the other in Bangladesh

Both involved child labor

Number four in this Cracked article. Monster cable and beats headphones are there too.

The whole idea of top-shelf vodka. Most blind tests of experts and plebes both end up choosing Smirnoff as best. But let them know the prices and they will pick one of the expensive ones as much better.

Sorry, but lobster is food of the gods (especially served cold like they do in New Brunswick), and oysters are pretty damn good, too. I love them both, and it’s no affectation: I also love beef liver.

There is a difference in Vodka, but only if you’re drinking it straight. Once it’s in a cocktail, you can’t notice it.

I love all the foods you mentioned including filet mignon. I don’t care for cigars. In the U.S. Jack rabbits are considered a garbage animal only eaten by poor southerners. In reality it is one of the tastiest hares you can get. Don’t tell anyone or the price will go up.