Anyone doing Goga?

It’s some kind of “workout” that involves physical vibration. Apparently it was invented to rehabilitate Russian astronauts. Does anyone actually do it or know someone who does?

I’m just curious about it.

If you have no experience with it, but it sounds like a scam made out of crap, you’re opinion is noted in advance. No need to clutter up the thread with this obvious conclusion unless you just can’t help yourself.

Previous thread discussing the benefits of Whole Body Vibration. Can’t really comment on it because fine print.

Thanks for the link. Actually that thread mostly discussed the alleged benefits and why they couldn’t possibly be true. Out of 70+ posts apparently only two people had actual experience with this thing, and one of them was discredited by his/her peers 'cause s/he had just registered.

I just heard about this and was looking for actual experience. I don’t plan to try it or buy a franchise or anything like that. Just curious.

It seems pointless to repeat all the “this is scam” comments, since that was covered quite thoroughly in the previous thread.