Anyone else addicted to BOFH?

New episode out today.

The use of the adjective “swarthy” reminded me of the recent thread (IMHO maybe?)

link o’ doom

Well heck, I didn’t realize the bastard was still in action! Thanks for the link!

I’ve been a HUGE fan for a couple years now. BOFH consistently makes me laugh till I cry eliciting very strange looks from my co-workers :wink:

I even got my wife hooked, but she’s pretty geeky so it wasn’t hard.

Ok, I’m a 'tard. What is BOFH an acronym for?

I are um tard also. wHAt dus ti meen?

Bring Offal For Henry?

Bastard Operator From Hell
basiacally its stories about the head of IT at a generic british company, and how much power he wields over the employees

Oh yesss

Love it. Been reading it since Mil Millington left the Guardian.

I’ve been reading him for years. I don’t think he’s quite as funny as he used to be in his really early stuff, when he was regularly killing people who annoyed him (more than he does now, that is), but he’s still worth reading.

Although, I have to wonder if, after all these years, the PFY is still PF. Or, for that matter, a Y.

I think the PFY has been replaced a few times after incidents. Sort of a generic title rather than a specific lad.

I’ve been reading them since… oh… 1996. The New Zealand uni days. Since I was a poor sad little university computer user at the time, they certainly instilled a goodly amount of righteous terror in me. We have two of the books. I’m yet to own any of the related t-shirt or mug paraphenalia though.